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Taylor Swift Is Royalty... Kinda! Research Proves She's Descended From Famous French King!

Taylor Swift has some super famous relatives!

It’s no doubt Mz. Swift is modern day royalty with her unmatched fame and record-breaking career in the music industry. She’s one of the most well known people in the world right now — and it looks like it could be a hereditary thing! Ha!

On Thursday it was revealed by the global history platform MyHeritage that the singer is related to another worldwide famous person: France’s most famous monarch King Louis XIV. The mastermind behind the gorgeous Palace of Versailles (pictured above) as well as being the ruler of what’s known in France as La Grand Siècle or “The Great Century”. Meaning, the guy is the example of a strong-willed and determined ruler!

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The King is connected to the pop princess their common ancestors of the 14th century, Michael de la Pole — who was the Second Earl of Suffolk — and his wife Katherine Stafford. One of their descendants ended up marrying a Count of Béarn in the 15th century in Southwest France, while another headed for the English colonies in America. The ones who headed for America would ultimately have children and those descendants led directly to Tay Tay’s fam!

The Count of Béarn and his wife, on the other hand, stayed in France and gave birth to a daughter who would end up serving as Queen of Hungary and Bohemia. Later on, the Queen would have her own granddaughter Marie de’ Medici — or, King Louis XIV’s grandmother!

This means the French King and the current American superstar are eighth cousins, eleven times removed. So, not closely related at all! But they’ve got some common family members! That’s fun!

The website boasted the discovery ahead of Taylor’s upcoming Eras Tour stops in France. Roi Mandel, the Director of Research at the company told

“On the occasion of Taylor Swift’s concert tour in Paris, our team at MyHeritage decided to dive into [Taylor’s] family history to check if she has French roots hidden somewhere in the family past. We were amazed to find out that not only are there roots – they are royal roots, and she is nothing less than a distant cousin of King Louis XIV! The Queen of Pop is a relative of the Sun King. It’s a really poetic revelation.”


This revelation comes just months after Swifties discovered the Fortnight singer is also related to poet Emily Dickinson — the writers are sixth cousins, eight times removed. Seems like fame — and talent — run in the family!

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[Image via Renée Kemps/Airelles/MEGA/WENN]

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