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Ted Cruz Left Family Dog In Freezing Texas Home As Leaked Texts Reveal Trip To Cancun Was Quickly Planned!

Ted Cruz left his family dog behind in the freezing cold in Texas as his family ran away to Cancun!

In case you didn’t already know it, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a PROFOUNDLY s**tty person! And this further proves it!

If you’re like us, you’ve been following the severe cold front that has settled throughout Texas, affecting the power grid, freezing pipes, and leaving millions of people in distress. And you’ve probably been following Cruz’s response to all that: quietly jetting off to Cancun, Mexico to enjoy some time at a resort while the people of his home state suffer without governmental help or aid of any kind. Not great!!

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Well, it gets worse.

As Cruz, his wife Heidi, and their daughters headed down to Cancun on a commercial flight from Houston, he left behind the family’s little dog, Snowflake, to fend for itself in the cold, powerless house! WTF?!

According to journalist Michael Hardy, who drove by the Cruz house on Thursday, Snowflake was left all alone after the family sought warmer weather amid the ongoing historic cold freeze (below):

WTF?? Inexcusable!!! What kind of person would do something like this?! Oh, wait, of course: Ted Cruz would! Like we said, he’s a profoundly s**tty person! TMZ later reported that a security guard was apparently on the premises to watch over the house while the Cruz family was away, and part of his duties included caring for the dog. Jeez… talk about abandonment…

Poor Snowflake!

And it gets worse!!! Initially upon his return to America, Cruz blamed the Cancun trip on his daughters (real classy, Ted), claiming it was a “long-planned” vacation that just so happened to coincide with this particular week.

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But Reform Austin News published a damning pair of screenshots that purported to show Heidi reaching out to the family’s neighbors this week about whether they would like to escape the cold in a last-minute hastily-planned trip to Mexico.

As you can see (below), it’s increasingly clear this was a sudden attempt by a very privileged family to leave the cold behind while the rest of Texas suffered through life-threatening conditions and no power, heat, or running water:


Talking about $300-per-night rooms at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun while millions of Texans — and their own supposedly beloved dog!!! — are left alone to freeze with no leadership from this supposed leader?! What kind of people could be this selfish?? Oh! Yeah. Republicans. Duh!!!

Seriously, how can Cruz be trusted to put the people first in his political career ever again?? Obviously, we didn’t trust him at all even before this considering his objectively terrible past, but Republican readers (and Texas residents!), seriously: is this the person who really best represents you and what you need and want out of government?!

This was his best idea for how to respond to a time of crisis?? Run away to a resort and leave the family dog behind — not to mention his own constituents?! What a selfish jerk!!!

[Image via WENN/Instar]

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