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Teresa Giudice Claims Luis Ruelas Lost SO MUCH Money In Joe Gorga Business Deal Gone Wrong!

Teresa Giudice Claims Luis Ruelas Lost SO MUCH Money In Joe Gorga Business Deal Gone Wrong!

Is this part of the reason for the massive feud between the Gorgas and the Giudices?!

For those who haven’t been keeping up, things have not been good between Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa Gorga, for a while now. It escalated to the point where the Gorga family did not attend the 50-year-old’s wedding with Luis Ruelas. Plus, Teresa’s daughters Gia and Milania unfollowed their aunt and uncle on social media. While the family members have remained (somewhat) tight-lipped about the reason for their estrangement, Melissa previously teased on her On Display podcast that “something that went down at the finale of filming the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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What went down? Sources revealed to Page Six that Melissa got into a huge argument and blamed Teresa for spreading the rumor that she kissed someone named Nick Barrotta in New York City a few years ago. But was that really the reason for their falling out or was that just the final nail in the coffin? Is there possibly more to the story or someone else behind their bitter feud?! It is no secret that Joe and Melissa have blamed Teresa’s new hubby for their strained relationship, even declaring during a recent episode of RHONJ:

“I see Luis for what he is. He’s charming, but he’s also very manipulating.”

But according to Teresa? He wasn’t the issue – but instead a victim of something her younger brother did. She claimed Joe allegedly lost Luis $250,000 in a business deal gone wrong!


In a preview for next week’s episode of RHONJ, co-star Jennifer Aydin asked when Teresa’s relationship with her sibling shifted. Rather than keeping quiet, she noted she was “tired” of “protecting” him in order to “keep the peace”:

“I’ll be honest with you. There was a business dealing, and my fiancé lost a quarter of a million dollars.”

The momma explained in a confessional that the 43-year-old came up with the idea for a pizza oven and asked her and Luis to get involved with it:

“So [Ruelas] was like, ‘OK,’ He put out 250K.”

However, Teresa wasn’t sold on getting involved! She told her cast members that she didn’t agree to it because she thought that family should not “get involved with business stuff.” While Teresa didn’t want to be a part of the business, Luis moved forward with it and lost a lot of cash:

“Then [Ruelas] spoke to our attorney, and he [was] like, ‘Well, what percentage should I give Joey?’ I guess they came up with, I don’t know, five percent, so my brother went nuts – like, he wanted 50 percent.”

Yikes. Joe did not share his side of the story at this time. But when asked by a producer “did something happen between you and Luis,” he responded:


It is unknown how Luis lost his investment in the pizza oven company, but perhaps we’ll find out when the episode drops next week! Nevertheless, someone should have reminded Luis: Sometimes business and family do not mix well together, especially when money is involved. And given that Teresa and Joe’s own father, Giacinto Gorgo, refused to speak to his brother for decades over $200, you’d think the 47-year-old would have followed his wife’s cue and not gotten involved in this business deal to prevent things from getting messy! But it looks like history is repeating itself… You can ch-ch-check out the sneak peek of RHONJ (below):

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