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Texas Teens Charged After Stealing Necklace From Dead Body -- And Posting It On Snapchat

Two Texas Teens have been arrested and charged after stealing a necklace off a dead body they discovered.

Two Texas teenagers have been arrested and charged by local authorities after they posted a video to Snapchat showing themselves stealing a necklace from a dead body.

Bethany Martin, who is 17 years old (pictured above, inset), and a 16-year-old friend (not publicly named or pictured because she is a juvenile) were out walking last Monday when they happened upon a man’s corpse in a drainage ditch, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, based in San Antonio.

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The girls admitted to authorities that they were walking through a recently-developed neighborhood when they saw “something awkward by the drainage ditch and went to take a closer look.” Then, upon finding the body, instead of calling police, they called a male friend of theirs who joined them at the scene.

At some point, the 16-year-old spotted a necklace on the deceased man’s neck, and decided that she liked it because “it matched her fashion style.” So, Martin told investigators that she removed the necklace carefully, “making sure not to touch the body,” while the younger teenager used the 17-year-old’s phone to film the ordeal and post it to Snapchat.

Did… did they not realize they were committing a crime?? Why would they post that??

Eventually, the video made its way onto the Nextdoor app, where neighbors in and around the development shared the clip with law enforcement. Apparently, a family member related to the deceased man was also one of the ones who happened to view the video — without knowing beforehand the identity of the victim.


After being called to the scene, the sheriff’s office identified the deceased man as 25-year-old Marcus Adams. His death has been ruled a suicide.

Upon learning of the Snapchat video from tips on the Nextdoor app, law enforcement arrested Martin on Tuesday and charged her as an adult with felony theft from a human corpse or grave. She’s since been released on $2,000 bail; the 16-year-old was also arrested and faces the same charges, but as a juvenile.

Sheriff Javier Salazar (pictured above) spoke to the media about the disturbing incident, and even he was clearly shaken up over what transpired:

“When my homicide sergeant pulled me aside and said ‘I’m going to show you video that’s going to be very, very disturbing.’ And he showed me the video and it was… I’m shook! I am still shook. I’m disturbed by it. If it weren’t on video? I wouldn’t believe that it happened. It was disturbing because they’re laughing. ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this,’ and words to that effect, treating it as a joke.”

Wow… Talk about heartless.

Marcus Adams Sr., the dead man’s father, also spoke to the media about the terrible incident, telling KENS 5 News (below):

“It’s bad enough to steal from the living. But to steal from the dead? He’s helpless. He’s no longer here. He couldn’t fight back.”

According to the police arrest affidavit, the necklace has since been returned to Adams’ family.

Still, what a terrible thing for his poor family to go through. What were these girls thinking?!


[Image via KENS 5 News/YouTube/Bexar County Sheriff’s Office]

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