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Texas Woman Tries To Stitch Up Fiancé After Fatally Stabbing Him

Texas Woman Tries To Stitch Up Fiancé After Fatally Stabbing Him

A woman from Texas showed very immediate regret after stabbing her fiancé — by trying to stitch up his wounds!

Mom of two Liliana Cervantes is making headlines after getting arrested in the city of Houston on Monday. The Houston Police Department responded to the 25-year-old and her future husband Nathan Freeman‘s apartment around 8:45 p.m. to discover a devastating scene. The 32-year-old man was suffering from severe stab wounds, and the young mom was attempting to sew them up — all while her 4-year-old and 6-month-old (the latter of whom she shared with the victim) were in the home. Sadly, her attempts to save him were futile; first responders pronounced Freeman dead at the scene.

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According to records, responding officers found a butcher knife and at least one other sharp-edged object in the apartment, along with bloody footprints. Autopsies confirmed Freeman suffered from three stab wounds, with one directly in his chest. Just awful.

Police aren’t sure what happened that made Cervantes want to attack her fiancé, but during her probable cause hearing on Tuesday a court officer alleged she blacked out during and after the stabbing. They said after having water splashed on her she came to — but shortly after blacked out again:

“The officer stated that she woke up with water being splashed on her and the baby, and she blacked out again. The next thing she remembers (is) trying to stitch the complainant up and calling 911.”

So scary…

According to what family members told ABC13, the couple met on Facebook two years ago. The victim’s mother, Tessa Freeman, was shocked her almost daughter-in-law attacked her son, as they seemed so happy together:

“My husband and I went to visit them for Thanksgiving, and they seemed perfectly happy. We had dinner with her parents and it was great. They just moved to the apartment. We had a great time.”

But Tessa also doesn’t believe her son’s fiancée blacked out at all, according to what she told the outlet:

“I don’t believe her. I don’t believe anything she says. I think she was just making it up to try to cover her butt, so yeah, I got to get justice for my son now.”

Cervantes is being held in prison on a $150,000 bond. Her children are reportedly staying with her family. The victim’s mother is trying to get custody of her 6-month-old granddaughter because she is “the only thing I have from my son.” Heartbreaking.

You can get more info on the case (below):

We’re sending love and light to the victim’s family and loved ones.


[Image via KHOU 11/YouTube/Houston Police Department]

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