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The Bachelor's Villain Krystal Has A Full-On Meltdown After Disastrous Group Date -- Is It Enough For Arie To Send Her Home? Recap HERE!

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On last night’s episode of The Krystal Show, er, The Bachelor
Arie Luyendyk Jr. certainly has his hands full this season with a particular contestant who is equal parts annoying and good TV.
The group traveled to Fort Lauderdale, FL this week, where the former race car driver took a group date… bowling. How romantic. After splitting the ladies into two groups to compete for the chance to go to the after party with Arie, all of the contestants’ competitive sides definitely came out.
And even though the blue team won by a large margin, Arie ultimately decided to let the pink team stay for the rest of the date so that he could spend more time with each woman.
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Krystal — who was on the winning team, of course — was FURIOUS (read: FURIOUS) that Arie “changed his mind” and she dubbed him a “liar” and someone she couldn’t trust. Because of a bowling game. She threw a full-on temper tantrum back at the hotel while the rest of the ladies prepared for the night out and stared at her in shock.
Krystal insisted she wouldn’t be going on the rest of the date, as if to teach Arie some sort of twisted lesson.
The rest of the women fill Arie in on why Krystal is absent, and he goes up to her room to address the situation. He maturely handles the conversation (without her making much sense at all) and heads back down to the party as to not take time away from the sane ladies waiting for him downstairs.
Krystal gets dolled up for a quick appearance at the party, but she’s banished to her room by the other women before Arie even sees her. Bye Felicia.
Lauren B. got the group date rose after her game of 21 questions with Arie, which honestly was pretty boring.
Now, let’s talk one-on-ones.
At the top of the episode, Arie took single-mom Chelsea out on a yacht before they went to dinner and danced to a band no one’s ever heard of. Classic.
He ended up giving Chelsea the rose after she opened up about being left by her husband when her child was six months old. Her ex is now married to the woman he left her for and they have a child of their own. Tough break.
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The last one-on-one went to Tia, who is a country girl from Arkansas so obviously producers set her date in the Everglades. The two rode around on a small boat looking for alligators before eating fried frog legs.
Tia actually seems super sweet and great — and she’s obviously falling for Arie as she told him about 18 times. We wonder if it’s mutual. Regardless, she got a rose.
At the end of the episode, Arie sent home Maquel (who made a quick return following her grandfather’s funeral), Ashley, and Marikh — which means another week of Krystal. FML.
Thoughts on this episode?? SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!!
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