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As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Mario Lopez took over the role of Zach in the Broadway production of A Chorus Line.

Everything seems to be going well for Lopez….except there seems to be too much ego onstage.

Lopez seems to be a bit too in love with himself – his arms, to be precise. So much so, that he’s refused to wear Zach’s costume, which consists of a tan sweater with LONG sleeves.

It seems Lopez really wants to show off his biceps.

The issue is that the outfit is based on what was worn in real life by the show’s creator, Michael Bennett. It’s been worn countless times by every individual that’s ever played Zach over the past 30 years!

But, Diva Lopez wanted to wear a simple brown shirt with SHORT sleeves to show off his biceps.

It doesn’t even end there!

Apparently, Lopez has to be the only one on stage with the best body.

Throughout the play, Nick Adams, who portrays Larry the assistant choreographer to Zach, is often on stage next to Lopez.

Larry’s costume has always been a navy blue tank top with the number 17 on it (for the 17 performers auditioning for the spots on the chorus). And, luckily for the audience, this Larry is hot! And built! And apparently too much better looking than Lopez, especially with larger biceps.

Inside sources are saying that Lopez didn’t want to get upstaged by Adam’s biceps, so he demanded requested that whenever the two are on stage together, Adams wear a long sleeve hoodie over his tank top.

Hello, Mr. Insecure!

It seems for now the show is going to have to put up with Lopez’s demands, since they often require a big name to draw in audiences. Director Bob Avian, however, insists it was his idea to have Larry wear a hoodie.


Divas often start out with small request but always escalate to annoying demands later on.

Remember that!

[Image via WENN.]

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