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The Rock & Kevin Hart Slap The S**T Out Of Each Other Doing The Tortilla Challenge

The Rock & Kevin Hart Slap The S**T Out Of Each Other Doing The Tortilla Challenge

We can smell what The Rock’s cookin,’ and this time it’s… tortillas?!

The filmmaking besties Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart never fall short (no pun intended, Mr. Hart) when it comes to making us laugh, and in a Wednesday Instagram post, they kept their comedy streak going! If you follow either of the Central Intelligence co-stars, you know they DEFINITELY enjoy messing with one another, and they took their opportunity to “keep up with the younger generation” with the latest TikTok trend: the #TortillaChallenge.

For the challenge, participants must fill their mouths with water, play a round of rock, paper, scissors, and whoever wins gets to slap their opponent with a soft tortilla, with the goal being to avoid spitting out your water from laughing uncontrollably. 

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The comedy duo took the trend to new heights (the Kevin jokes just write themselves, LOLz) by performing it while on a press tour for their upcoming film DC League of Super-Pets. Kevin won their game of rock, paper, scissors back-to-back and got to slap The Rock each time! Oooooh, we just KNOW that lit up a fire in Dwayne, who REFUSED to spit out his water, proudly claiming “I win!”

Well, you know, after being slapped twice! Kev later exclaimed:

“Because I’m a good f**king partner, you get a smack.”

The Black Adam actor took NO time at all before slapping his BFF twice! It was all in good laughs though, as the actors knuckle punched at the end. See the full video (below):

What do you think of Dwayne and Kevin’s ridiculous relationship?? Let us know below!

[Images via Dwayne Johnson/Instagram & Access/YouTube]

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