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This Does Not Bode Well: Another Hollywood Strike Is Upon Us


Things aren’t looking good. Hollywood may have another strike on their hands!

This times, it’s the thespians at war with the big media moguls.

The studio/producer suits have broken off contract talks with the Screen Actors Guild cuz – they claim – SAG’s DVD sales and online demands are “unreasonable.”

The suits say there’s no reason for another extension of talks.

The first rounds of talks lasted 18 days.

SAG president Alan Rosenberg said the decision to halt talks was unfortunate and deeply troubling.

SAG’s contract for films and primetime TV shows expires June 30th.

Another strike would be DISASTROUS for Hollywood!

As we mentioned before, the smaller actors union, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is not working together with SAG on a unified deal.

It’s AFTRA that will be meeting with the suits on Wednesday at the bargaining table.

Hopefully, SAG and the suits work something out before the June deadline.

Strikes suck, but we we 100% support the actors. They should get what they deserve!

[Images via WENN.]

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May 07, 2008 13:00pm PDT

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