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Woman Says Female Boss Catfished Her, Pretending To Be Male Suitor For WEEKS!

olivia fenton : tiktoker recounts being catfished by female boss pretending to be male suitor

They say it’s hard to be a single woman in New York, but this is just nuts!

It’s been a minute since we saw a good TikTok storytime, but this one does not disappoint. In January, user Olivia Fenton shared a pretty shocking tale of being set up and stood up on a date that has twist ending we did NOT see coming.

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She jokingly captioned her post:

“Has this also happened to any of you nyc girlies out there I must know.”

In the video, the young woman shared:

“Does anyone else have a manager who came into work, told you she wanted to set you up with her best guy friend. You planned a first date, he stood you up. You planned a second date, he got stuck in meetings. You planned a third date, he came to the bar didn’t see you and left. Then tried to come back to find you and his train got stuck underground.”

She continued:

“So then did you also text this manager and say, ‘Look, it’s not gonna work between us.’ But then you got a text from the same guy on Christmas saying ‘Can you give me one more shot?’ So you stripped the humbug cloak off your body and responded ‘Sure.’ And then you planned a redemption dinner which he never arrived to because he got in a ‘car accident.'”

Here’s where the story takes an abrupt turn. She revealed:

“And then did you also start putting the pieces together like maybe it was your manager the whole time? And maybe you found out she had a burner phone and used some random gay’s photos who lives in Georgia. And she also sent flowers to your house pretending that they were from the guy, and when you fact-checked the handwriting on the note with the flowers, her handwriting and his handwriting were exactly the same? Anybody else? Just me?”

Ummm…. yeah, it’s just you girl! Holy s**t!

@oliviafenton4 catfished by my own boss! has this also happened to any of you nyc girlies out there I must know #fyp #catfished #nyc #live #laugh #love ♬ original sound – Olivia Fenton

Commenters were boggled by the brazen boss catfish, writing that Olivia should be “Sprinting to HR” and that the story would be successful on Netflix or as a Lifetime movie (or that we need MTV‘s Nev Schulman on the case!). One viewer hilariously observed:

“you gave him way too many chances after you got stood up…”

However, most of the reactions can be summed up by this comment:

“#1. From a leadership standpoint, that’s SO inappropriate to play matchmaker to begin with. 2. HR 3. Get out of there.”

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The unfortunate catfishing victim followed up with another video, where she informed her audience:

“Yes, my manager was fired. I went to HR and they handled it immediately. Also found out she did this to a woman at her previous company.”

OMG! A repeat offender!

She added:

“And what were her motives you ask? A lot of you guessed correctly. It’s speculated she is deeply in the closet and is coming to terms with her sexuality. So I think she might’ve had a crush on me and just took it way too far.”

@oliviafenton4 Reply to @elysemyers updates on being catfished by my manager #fyp #catfish ♬ original sound – Olivia Fenton

Okay, so the sexuality thing is only speculation — but even if it WAS true, nothing about this is a normal way to handle a “crush”! In fact, this boss’ actions seem pretty malicious to us! But what do U think, Perezcious readers – what’s your theory behind this elaborate catfishing scheme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via Olivia Fenton/TikTok]

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