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Tish Cyrus Reveals She Had A 'Complete Psychological Breakdown' Amid Billy Ray Divorce

Tish Cyrus is opening up even more about her split from Billy Ray Cyrus — and it sounds like she really went through it!

To promote her new podcast Sorry We’re Stoned with daughter Brandi Cyrus, the Nashville native sat down with People for a new interview out on Thursday. It mostly focused on how “terrified” she was to call things off with her longtime hubby. She explained:

“I’m over 50, I’ll be 57 this year. And when I literally was going through my divorce and trying to make that decision of stepping out of a 30-year marriage, I was terrified mostly.”

If you don’t know, the couple had backed out of two previous divorce filings over the years, so it wasn’t like her marriage was perfect. They both could just never walk away — until now.

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Her 36-year-old daughter recalled her mom’s state of mind at the time, especially in terms of if she’d ever find love again at her age, adding:

“And she really thought it was over.”

Aw! Tish didn’t deny it, saying the whole thing sent her into a “complete psychological breakdown.” Oh, no! The mother of five detailed:

“No, I thought I was going to be alone forever. And that was one of the times that I had the crippling breakdown of anxiety. I joke about it and say I had a complete psychological breakdown. There were 30 days where I was not eating, sleeping, just felt like I was just coming out of my skin. And it was really scary.”

Yikes. Breakups, especially after that long, can be so, so difficult! On this week’s Call Her Daddy podcast, the momager also admitted part of this breakdown was due to losing her mother, Loretta Finley, while she was privately separated and living apart from the Achy Breaky Heart artist during COVID-19. She noted it was her “two biggest fears in life” coming true. All of that at once is a LOT to deal with!

Thankfully, she’s come out the other end better than before and is “so happy” with her new husband Dominic Purcell. But she’ll always have a soft spot for women in similar situations since she understands the struggle now, telling People:

“I get why women are scared to leave, not only bad relationships, [but to] step into new careers and all these things. And I was literally terrified.”

But when she finally broke away, Miley Cyrus‘ mom said it was like a weight lifting off her shoulders, adding:

“I would love to just be this poster child for women our age and just be like, I promise you starting over sometimes is the best thing you can ever do. It’s been great for me.”

All the pain and heartbreak was worth it, as it turned out, once she got to the other side. That has to be inspiring to others! Thoughts? Share them all (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon & Tish Cyrus/Instagram]

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