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Titanic Sub Explorer Shahzada Dawood Previously Survived Terrifying Plane Plunge

Titanic Sub Explorer Shahzada Dawood Previously Survived Terrifying Plane Plunge

One of the passengers aboard the Titanic submersible, Shahzada Dawood, previously survived another near-death incident.

In a resurfaced blog post written by his wife, Christine Dawood, in 2019, she revealed they feared for their lives while on a plane that “took a deep plunge,” and the experience changed her life forever. She reflected:

“The start was uneventful and so was most of the cruising but just as the seatbelt signs came on to alert us to our imminent landing approach, the plane took a deep plunge. I later read that a plane doesn’t drop more than three to five metres during turbulence, but my stomach in that moment would beg to differ. The whole cabin let out one simultaneous cry, which turned to a whimper and then silence. Dead silence.”

So eerie!

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She recalled her husband reflecting on “all the opportunities he’d missed and how much he still wanted to teach our children,” including 19-year-old son Suleman, who was also on the Titan that is believed to have imploded during the risky dive to the shipwreck earlier this week. Christine also said she made a deal “with God, the universe, whoever was listening” that she’d quit smoking cigarettes if she survived. She continued:

“It went dark. Storm clouds amassed around us, immersing the cabin in a strange kind of twilight. It was not quite light and yet not fully dark. It engulfed us, teased us and breathed fear into some and bravery into others.”

She added:

“I was frightened like never before in my life. I wasn’t even able to wipe away the tears running down my face or move my head to look around. Plunge! It wasn’t over yet. Shake left, shake right! My head hit the window.”


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The captain then informed the frantic passengers that he’d attempt to land again from a different angle, she wrote:

“As the plane turned, my side lifted forcing me to look down to my left. My husband faced me, our eyes locked and our hands interlinked. No words were needed. He was as scared as I was and yet we were together. ‘Until death do…’ No, don’t go there!”

The plane then shook “even heavier than before if that was even possible” and she felt herself go “into a form of a trance” while she squeezed Shahzada’s hand and they finally touched down safely. She noted:

“We had survived. But I still couldn’t move. I still couldn’t comprehend. We were safely on the ground and yet my throat felt as if a noose was tightly around it. I felt a squeeze of my hand and heard somebody talking to me, but I was frozen still. It’s then that I realised that my life had changed and would never be the same again.”


And now she is one of the family members mourning the loss of both her husband and teenage son after their OceanGate Expeditions vessel vanished on Sunday morning while making a long dive to see the Titanic over 2 miles underwater. On Thursday, it was confirmed that the sub likely imploded when debris was discovered. We are sending so much love to Christine and her whole family right now.

[Image via OceanGate/Movieclips/YouTube]

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