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Todrick Hall DESTROYS Kim Kardashian West In Scathing NSFW Rant Defending Pal Taylor Swift!

Todrick Hall defends Taylor Swift after Kim Kardashian West accuses her of lying about their Famous phone call with Kanye.

It’s Kim Kardashian West vs Taylor Swift round three and Todrick Hall has just entered the ring, ladies and gentlemen!

So much has already transpired just days after the songstress’ full phone call with Kanye West over his 2016 song Famous was leaked to the press over the weekend. Swifties everywhere felt a sense of vindication for supporting Tay’s claim KKW manipulated the first clip of their conversation years ago — but things took a turn on Monday night when Kim hopped online to claim the 30-year-old hitmaker is once again “lying” about everything.

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The KUWTK star stated her case through several lengthy posts on her Instagram Story and Twitter where she called the ongoing feud “embarrassing,” among other scathing critiques of her husband’s musical nemesis. Those messages really struck a chord with singer-songwriter (and frequent Taylor collaborator) Todrick Hall, who took to social media on Tuesday to rip Kim a new one!!

We’re not kidding, guys. This is the drag of the century and definitely NSFW! Hall wrote over screenshots of Mrs. West’s original posts with a message which began:

“I CANNOT STAND THIS WOMAN! Kim Kardashian posted these on her story and is still clearly missing the point. 1. Taylor didn’t reignit [sic] anything, Kris [Jenner] probably leaked this footage her damn self. 2. After your Ray J video and publicly documenting every crevice of your vagina…I HIGHLY doubt you’re embarrassed NOW to respond to this. 3. Just apologize, you self absorbed entitled, stubborn little queef.”


From there, he went on to slam the semantics with Taylor’s publicist, Tree Paine, and suggested the Wests approached the entire situation poorly:

“She was CLEARLY uncomfortable with the situation & after you publicly embarrass someone TWICE on national television, I think these calls should be going through management or some legit form of professional contact. 1. No one would ever give permission without ever hearing the song. If they had time to shadily record all this footage, they had time to shoot over an email with the finished product for approval once the song was done #standard 2. They failed to mention they were going to have a life sized nude sized NUDE figure of Taylor in the bed with Kanye in the video. you want to make Taylor and Kim naked in the video but not himself, show those cakes Kanye if you’re going to force the women in your video to be naked. Double standard and just SHADY BOOTS DOT COME!”

Todrick Hall responds to Kim Kardashian's claims Taylor Swift is still lying.
(c) Todrick Hall/Instagram Story

Todrick had some more choice words, this time directed at Yeezy himself! He pointed out the main difference between the feuding artists’ decision to record their conversation in the first place:

“This comparison is just honestly mind boggling and low key iconic that she thinks this is even remotely the same thing. Difference is, Taylor had everyone featured in her documentary sign releases and here’s a crazy concept SHE TOLD THEM THAT THEY WERE BEING FILMED AND RECORDED!”

He continued to call out the reality TV star for appearing to “take the high road now” despite bullying his friend and her fanbase all these years. He added:

“Don’t know Kim, only met her one and to be honest, she was kind. I’ll give her that. But this is not the example she should be setting for her children or her audience. To belittle what she’s done to my friend is disrespectful at this point. Would it be SOOOO difficult for her to just say ‘I’m sorry Taylor.'”

Todrick Hall responds to Kim Kardashian's claims Taylor Swift is still lying.
(c) Todrick Hall/Instagram Story

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The 34-year-old American Idol breakout star also addressed Kim’s denial that she edited the famous phone call clip when it was first released and took a shot at her appearance while he was at it! He penned:

“I know this is a strange concept to understand but editing is altering or condensing something from its original state. So you did indeed edit the footage miss thing. Kind of a concept you should be very well acquainted & familiar with as you’ve done it not only to this footage but your butt, your face, your hair, the list goes on.”

Todrick Hall responds to Kim Kardashian's claims Taylor Swift is still lying.
(c) Todrick Hall/Instagram Story

And finally, he concluded the epic rant with the actual definition of “edited” and put a spin on the Kim tweet Tree responded to:

Todrick Hall responds to Kim Kardashian's claims Taylor Swift is still lying.
(c) Todrick Hall/Instagram Story

Whoa.You doing alright after reading all of this, Perezcious readers?

We told you this wasn’t pretty! We can’t possibly imagine Kim actually responding to all of that since she’s apparently above the drama now. For what it’s worth, he could’ve done all of this without objectifying her appearance, too. But WOW, Todrick really went there!!

Reactions?? Share them with us in the comments section (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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