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Tom Sandoval Blames Ariana Madix For His Business Problems, Says She Hasn’t Paid 'Any Of The Bills' In Months!

Tom Sandoval Claims Ariana Madix Hasn’t Paid 'Any Of The Bills' In Months

The Toms are fighting! And yet again, Tom Sandoval cannot take accountability and has to blame Ariana Madix for their current issues.

In this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, we saw Tom Schwartz criticizing how his best friend and business partner handled the aftermath of Scandoval — especially when it came to their restaurant, Schwartz & Sandy’s. Instead of trying to fix the “mess” he made, Sandoval abandoned their business to go on tour with Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras and star in reality competition show Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. He left everyone else behind to pick up the pieces, which understandably upset Schwartz. He told Lisa Vanderpump:

“We really had it bad. We all had to clean Tom’s mess. He has severely tainted the brand name. My partners don’t want to work with him. He is like an absentee partner — these are their words.”

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Their business partners were so done with Sandoval they even banned him from entering Schwartz & Sandy’s! And if the 41-year-old didn’t listen, they planned to take drastic measures. Schwartz revealed:

“We did ask Sandoval to step away from Schwartz & Sandy’s. And my partners told Tom if he comes in then they are going to close the doors and he’s not welcome there.”


Despite the threats made by their partners, Schwartz never expected Sandoval to abandon their establishment. So he was surprised and angry by his pal’s behavior:

“However, I didn’t expect him to fully check out. I thought he would be more proactive with pitching ideas on how to weather this.”

But Sandoval’s excuse? Oh, he’s just blaming Ariana again!

His ex is the reason he couldn’t stick around and help their business, according to the singer. While sitting down to hash things out with Schwartz, Sandoval explained he had to go on tour. Why? The reality star then claimed his bank account was in the negative since he was the only one paying the bills, accusing Ariana of having not contributed to anything in eight months:

“I can feel that you’re angry at me, but obviously I f**king had to tour and stuff. My bank account was literally overdrawn. Dude, Ariana hadn’t paid any of the bills for, like, f**king eight months, man. I’m literally, like, moving $1,000 around to this account, I’m moving $500 from this account to cover our mortgage.”

Hmm. Sandoval added in a confessional:

“I’ve been pretty much paying for everything out of all my accounts. Mortgage, gardener, cleaning, utilities, everything. It’s kind of like pulling teeth to get Ariana to pay me back.”

However, Ariana tells a different story than her ex! She claimed on the Vanderpump Rules After Show that she has been asking for a “breakdown” of what she owes when it comes to the bills. A fair request, right? Well, Sandoval doesn’t think so! Ariana alleges he refuses to give her an itemized list of what she owes, explaining:

“I have asked repeatedly – for years at this point – for an itemized breakdown of said bills he’s talking about because we would always put money into a joint account and then have that account be the one that was hooked up to all these different things. Bills come out of it automatically, and then ‘Oh the balance is getting low.’ We both go put the same amount of money in that account.”

Ariana continued:

“We refinanced in 2021. At that point, things changed. The account that the mortgage started coming out of was no longer the joint account. It was his account. … So basically, I had asked for this itemized breakdown for so long, and it would be like ‘Oh, you owe X amount of money.’ And I’m like how did you figure this out?”

But a big reason she’s adamant about receiving a detailed list of the bills? Ariana said she doesn’t trust Sandoval to tell her the correct amount for her portion of the bills, alleging she overpaid for the mortgage every month! She said:

“When we were together maybe I would have trusted that s**t to be accurate. But once all this s**t went down, I don’t trust a f**king word you say. So if you’re going to tell me that I owe you a certain amount of money, you better be able to show your work.” I also found out that the amount of money I was giving him every month for the mortgage was an overpayment.”

Yikes. Seems to us Ariana was making a reasonable request, especially if Sandoval has been overcharging her for her share of the mortgage in the past! Plus, it’s understandable she doesn’t buy one word of what comes out of his mouth. This is the same guy who lied and cheated with her best friend and co-star behind her back for months! Watch the full breakdown of the drama on the after show (below):

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