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Tom Sandoval SLAMS Ex Ariana Madix For Being The 'Laziest F**king Person'! WHAT???

Tom Sandoval SLAMS Ex Ariana Madix For Being The ‘Laziest F**king Person’!

Tom Sandoval has some harsh AF words to say about Ariana Madix in an extended scene that was probably too harsh for TV!

On this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, viewers saw the former couple having an intense argument while at James Kennedy and Ally Lewber’s house for a water tasting. Yes, we said a water tasting — but that’s beside the point! Ariana went off on Sandoval — or “attempted dog murderer” as she called him — for going into her locked bedroom and then leaving the door open, after which her dog Maya went in and chewed on skewers from a takeout box left out. Her poor pup ended up going to the hospital!

Thankfully Maya is OK. But Ariana was PISSED at her ex-boyfriend. Sandy fired back, claiming she hadn’t cleaned the litter box in years. He even told her to “put on your big girl panties and respond to an email” about their house. However, Ariana was not having any of it. Things got so heated between them she threatened to call the cops on Sandoval! Yikes!

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Clearly, Ariana still has a lot of rage toward her ex. No one can blame her! They filmed the show roughly three or so months after she found out he cheated on her with her best friend! Not to mention this is way back when he still has not taken legit accountability for his actions yet. (Oh wait, that’s still true…)

Anyway, Sandoval later had a sitdown with Tom Schwartz and Kyle Chan to debrief on their massive fight — a shocking scene that didn’t even air on the first broadcast, only on Peacock. Sandy complained about his ex doing nothing for their home once again. The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman had some really nasty comments to make, telling his buddies:

“Ariana doesn’t do a goddamn f**king thing in that house. I don’t even know how her ass gets wiped, the girl’s so f**king goddamn lazy.”

WTF?! And then he went on a rant about her not cleaning out the litter box once again:

“You don’t even empty the litter box for your cat. I literally pulled out the litter box and replaced the entire thing. It had f**king 12 s**ts in it.”

FYI, production showed footage proving she does take care of the box. Whether she does it consistently is a different story. No one knows since we don’t live in the house with them, thankfully. It is not like she never does, like Sandoval says. At this point, he should move on from the topic. We are sure Schwartz and Kyle are sick of hearing about it, too! However, he continued to go on and on about Ariana:

“It gets f**king annoying to have her like talk s**t about me being a certain way, when she literally is the laziest f**king person.”


Not only is that comment harsh — it’s kind of inane? We mean, Ariana has been hustling since the cheating scandal erupted, doing brand deals, competing on Dancing With The Stars, trying to open a sandwich shop, performing on Broadway ffs! We’d say she’s quite the opposite of “lazy.” All of that takes a lot of hard work!

Also, Sandoval is one to talk! We’ve seen his ex-assistant Ann do his dishes and clean the entire house after his wild parties. She even admitted to Ariana she would have to pick up his dirty socks and underwear! So he can’t be out here calling Ariana the “laziest” person even in her own house! LOLz!

As for Ariana talking “s**t” about Tom? We think fans can agree she’s earned the right to “talk s**t” after he cheated on her for MONTHS and continues to be a jerk to this day! At this point, Schwartz decided to cut Sandoval off to again urge him to move out:

“I think the only thing that’s somehow keeping it alive is you guys living under the same roof. It’s the only thing.”

We then see Sandoval in a confessional to further blast Ariana for “fighting” him over their shared house “out of spite”:

“She has like a lot of things in the works. I think they’re flying her to the moon the day after she like meets the Pope, so I’m sure it’s a lot for her to like handle house hunting. But I have it on record that she doesn’t want the house. So she’s literally only fighting me on it out of spite.”

Someone is coming off like a jealous ex! Watch the extended scene (below):

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[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Vanderpump Rules/Peacock]

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