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Ariana Madix Threatens To Call 911 Amid NASTY Fight With 'Disgusting Psycho Narcissist' Tom Sandoval!

Ariana Madix Threatens to Call 911 During Intense Fight With 'Disgusting Psycho Narcissist' Tom Sandoval

Things between Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval got INTENSE on this week’s Vanderpump Rules!

In Tuesday’s new episode, Ariana lit into her ex-boyfriend for several reasons — and it got so serious, she threatened to call the cops! The episode began with the sandwich shop owner chatting with her ex’s assistant Ann Maddox about the possibility of her coming to work for Ariana instead. Ultimately, Ariana thought that if they were going to make a change, it would have to happen after the ex-lovers were no longer living in the same home. Then, later, the Chicago star found the assistant crying after Tom had confronted her about the conversation he overheard. Oof.

Upset with how things went down, the Single AF Cocktails author had some choice words about the cover band star when hanging with her friends. She said:

“I asked her for advice on assistants and she was saying, ‘I’d also really like to work for you.’ The attempted dog murderer was eavesdropping and then when I left to go to Katie [Maloney]’s, she was crying.”


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Once again, Tom overheard the comments, and that began a heated exchange! In part, he was defending himself for what allegedly happened with Ariana’s dog, Maya. There were a few issues at hand, but the biggest was the fact Tom (or Ann) left Ariana’s door open. In turn, there was apparently leftover food that the dog got into on hand. Tom clapped back by claiming that she hadn’t cleaned the litter box in years. Not exactly the same!! Ariana yelled in return:

“You want to come back at me about the litter box when you almost killed my f**king dog? Do not go in my room. That is the only safe space I have in that home because you f**king wrecked it.”

Sandoval told her to “put on your big girl panties and respond to an email” about their shared home. However, Ariana was still hung up on the sitch with her pooch. She accused him of leaving the back door of their home open, thus putting the animal at risk:

“One more example of your carelessness and your f**king callousness when it comes to the house that was my f**king dream house and my f**king children.”

She yelled for the TomTom co-owner to “get the f**k away from” her and to “never f**king look me in the eye again.” He fought back:

“Don’t look at me in the eye. You’ve already got everything, Ariana! You’ve got all the campaigns now you’re going to take my assistant?”

LOLz. He’s still jealous he didn’t profit off the cheating scandal he created!

This was the blond alum’s breaking point — and that’s when she threatened to bring in the big guns! She told her reality star pals:

“I’m being harassed. I’m going to call 911.”


Thankfully, she didn’t end up making that call. However, she continued to vent:

“Ruin my life, my home, and then f**king attempt to kill my f**king dog by letting her in my room, shutting her in there for f**king hours.”

At this point, Sandoval left the gathering and got on the phone with his bestie Tom Schwartz to rehash the drama. Sandoval told his pal:

“Do you see the rage that comes out of her? This is what I dealt with my entire relationship. That scary f**king rage all the f**king time.”

And by that point, even the other Pump Rules cast members started to turn on Ariana, too!! In confessionals, Lala Kent, Brock Davies, and Scheana Shay also suggested that the scorned woman should stop being so upset about the split. They noted in various ways that all this anger isn’t good for her overall well-being. But when the Give Them Lala podcaster tried to tell the 38-year-old this by suggesting she attempt to have a more civil convo with Tom, Maddix snapped:

“I am not capable of having a productive conversation with a sociopath, disgusting psycho narcissist, gaslighter, piece of s**t f**king person.”

Whew! She’s still so pissed!

Despite the brutal argument, the pair met up again at a beach day with their friends later in the ep. When Rachel Leviss‘ ex eventually left, Ariana complained about her buds not sticking up for her and putting Tom in his place. That’s when Lala tried again to get Ariana to let go of some of the frustration — which sounds like it isn’t happening anytime soon! The Buying Back My Daughter lead insisted:

“He is never gonna f**king be sorry, remorseful, or one f**king iota of any of that. You guys keep shoving him down my f**king throat. What do you think I’m going to do? Sit here and have the best f**king beach day ever? When I have to f**king sit here like this and hear his jabs at me what do you expect?”

She has a point! Most people don’t want to be pals with their ex — especially after a messy situation like this! She doesn’t need to make it pleasant. However, their interactions are starting to get outta hand!! Let’s hope things never escalate to a point when 911 really does need to be called in. Oof!! Reactions?? Sound OFF (below)!

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