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Tom Sandoval Suggests He Cheated With Rachel Leviss Because Ex Ariana Madix 'Belittled' Him!

Tom Sandoval Suggests He Cheated With Rachel Leviss Because Ex Ariana Madix ‘Belittled’ Him During Their Relationship!

Tom Sandoval is once again failing completely to take accountability for his actions.

The reality star appeared with best Tom Schwartz on The Viall Files podcast Tuesday, and things were intense throughout the entire interview! Right off the bat, host Nick Viall wasn’t happy with Sandoval since he was late for the podcast! When the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman eventually did show up, instead of apologizing he began to argue with The Bachelor alum for previously showing up an hour late for the Everybody Loves Tom podcast. So it was spite? Huh?

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The interview didn’t start on the right foot, and it only got worse from there… as they delved into all things Scandoval. When Nick tried to point out Sandoval could learn from the affair with Rachel Leviss, the VPR star got very defensive, saying:

“I’ve learned so much.”

Hmm. Some fans would argue he hasn’t learned anything from the controversy, as he’s showed like zero contrition. Nick asked for him to elaborate on the lessons he’s taken away, to which Sandoval began to ramble:

“I don’t know, man. I don’t know, dude. I’m just trying to be a better person. I swear to God. I really am. I don’t know what to say. What have I learned? What have I learned? To not ever do that again? To not ever be in a nine-year f**king relationship and end it that way. To not ever, like, cheat that way. Dude, I’m never going to do that.”

Wait, what?! “Cheat that way?” You mean NOT CHEAT AT ALL, right? Is Sandoval seriously incapable of declaring he’ll never cheat again? Naturally, Nick asked Sandoval what he meant by “cheat that way,” noting that it suggests he “might cheat differently” next time. Thank you, sir! Sandoval shouted:

“To have an affair! To have an affair!”


So next time he’ll just hook up with a rando, not do a full-on seven-month thing? Sure… As Nick pressed on the situation more, Sandoval said he didn’t want to “dishonor” ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix by talking about their relationship problems. Schwartz noted the network wouldn’t allow them to anyway since Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules was premiering soon. But that seemed to tick off Sandoval… a lot. He fired back:

“No, I am allowed to talk about it. I can say whatever the f**k I want. [But] I’m not going to.”

Spoiler alert! He did talk about it! In fact, he went on to basically blame Ariana for the months-long affair, claiming she “belittled” him during their relationship:

“This person, throughout our f**king relationship, talked to me like I was down here all the f**king time. And it’s unfortunate that my way of acting out against that was, me also like, just getting belittled, belittled, belittled all the f**king time. I hate to say it, but I acted out because I had such low self-worth. Somebody like Raquel — somebody who’s in her 20s doing the whipped cream bikini thing like in Varsity Blues — I was like, ‘Wow. I’m attracted to somebody.’”

Once again, Sandoval fails to take accountability for his actions. However, he insisted he wasn’t trying to make it sound like Ariana made him cheat. Except… that’s pretty much exactly what the TomTom owner said here, especially when he went on to argue that she wouldn’t have sex with him for a year. When asked why he didn’t end things with Ariana, an enraged Sandoval said he “didn’t know how to f**king handle it.” Here’s a thought: Don’t cheat on her with her best friend behind her back for months!

And the harsh words about Ariana didn’t end there! The topic of the lawsuit over their shared home came up afterward. And Sandoval sounds oh so salty over the matter! He said the 38-year-old Broadway star has been “petty” over not allowing him to buy her out of the house. Noting that “somebody always keeps the house,” he added:

“That’s the petty [move]. ‘I am breaking up with you, and I don’t want anybody to have [it].’ It’s [like] flipping over the Monopoly board. That’s it. It’s like, ‘I’m losing at Monopoly, so I’m going to flip the Monopoly board over.’ That’s what it is.”

Considering how much betrayed her, it’s no wonder Ariana isn’t backing down and giving him everything he wants! But what do you think, Perezcious readers? Do you feel she’s being “petty?” What are your thoughts on his excuses for cheating on Ariana? Let us know. Then watch the entire interview, which also includes an answer as to whether Schwartz and Sandoval had an “orgy” together (below):


[Image via Bravo/Nick Viall/YouTube]

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