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Travis Scott DID Stop Astroworld Performance For One Distressed Fan, New Video Shows!

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Turns out, Travis Scott did respond appropriately during the Astroworld concert chaos — for a brief moment!

As you likely know, the Grammy nominee has been getting heat for continuing to play his show as fans rushed the stage and crushed attendees up front, injuring approximately 300 people and causing at least eight deaths. But new video footage obtained by shows the 30-year-old rapper did momentarily stop the Friday show after spotting someone “pass out” in the crowd.

In the clip, Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy can be seen singing on a platform before suddenly cutting the music mid-performance to notify security. He said in a still-autotuned voice:

“Whoa, whoa. We need someone to help, somebody passed out right here.”

Trav continued to tell the crowd:

“Hold on. Don’t touch them! Don’t touch them! … Everybody just back up. Security, somebody help jump in real quick … Come on, come on, someone get in there.”

As the fan was taken off to the side, the singer started to vocalize on the mic, seemingly thinking that was the end of the chaos. A second clip showed the star responding to a similar situation during a Montreal show in 2018, where he repeatedly called for help when a fan was taken ill.

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While outraged loved ones of concert victims continue to blame the artist for the deaths, Scott’s lawyer told DM the Sicko Mode hitmaker did pause the show when he noticed fans were in trouble — but ultimately couldn’t see or hear much during the gig because he was wearing an earpiece and blinded by the stage lights and pyrotechnics.

He explained:

 “There’s very little that you can see [from the stage]. You’re up there to perform. Your job is to entertain the crowd and get the crowd going. You can’t see these things [crowd trouble]. You certainly can’t hear anything. This was in the middle of the night and that compounds things on stage. All you see is black in front of you… There are flashpops going on all around you for the pyrotechnics and as you can probably see in some of the photographs, these bright pyrotechnics are right next to him. So he’s seeing bright lights, he’s seeing nothing in the audience. The only thing he has in his ear are ear monitors that have music playing and his own voice.”

McPherson also revealed the performer wasn’t allowed to stop the show himself due to a security protocol that put the decision in the hands of the producers. He continued:

“There were protocols for stopping – he was ultimately told he had to stop the show early which he did exactly when he was told… He really couldn’t see anything. This was a loud and engaged crowd. He certainly couldn’t see individual people. When he did see things that concerned him, he stopped for a bit to try to make sure they got help – he certainly delayed the show to get them help.”

The new footage and lawyer’s statement come as Scott faces mounting civil litigation, with 68 people signing up to a lawsuit filed Sunday that could cost him millions in damages and accuses him of “inciting mayhem.”

Do U think Travis did all he could? Click HERE to see the new footage and share your thoughts (below).

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