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Tristan Thompson’s Brother BLASTS Khloé Kardashian For Using Mom's Death As Reality 'Storyline'

Tristan Thompson’s Brother Blasts Khloe Kardashian For Using Mom's Death For A Reality 'Storyline'

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian have been a united front as he faces the sudden death of his mother Andrea, but one person isn’t okay with it.

We all know the co-parents have had a very tumultuous relationship over the years, but ever since January, KoKo has seemingly put all her issues aside and done everything she can for her baby daddy after his mother died from a heart attack in Toronto, Canada at just 53 years old.

Not only did she hop on a private jet with him to head to Canada right after hearing the tragic news (alongside Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian), Tristan and his little brother Amari, who is disabled and was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2007, also moved in with her!

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The basketball player became the 17-year-old’s legal guardian after their mother’s death, and they were supposed to live in his home amid a renovation, but severe weather in California led to his roof collapsing. Khloé welcomed them into her home during the tough time, and even threw the teenager a birthday party earlier this week! So, she’s really going above and beyond to be supportive — and naturally, it’s all being aired on her family’s Hulu series!

And this has one critic putting her on BLAST for exploiting the tragedy for views! The athlete’s 28-year-old brother Dishawn Thompson took to his Instagram Story on Thursday, writing:

“Death for a storyline”

He followed up with:

“Don’t believe everything you see or hear on social media… 95 percent is a lie.”


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The season 3 finale of The Kardashians out this week showcased the truly heartbreaking moments that followed after Tristan found out about his mother’s health crisis, including intimate moments of him on the plane, more insight into the family’s relationship with Amari, and what it’s been like for the exes, who share True, 5, and Tatum, 1, to live together after their split.

During a conversation with Khloé, Kim, and Kris, Tristan thanked the women for being there for him despite how busy they always are, saying sweetly:

“Thank you so much, especially from me, my family [including third brother Daniel Thompson]. I don’t know what I do without you guys right now, like coming to my mom’s house, and packing up, and going through photos. Cleaning up her condo, and then getting Amari his suit for the funeral. You guys are so busy, you guys have so much businesses going on. Honestly, I don’t know, I just hope God continues to keep blessing you guys with anything you want. That’s what my mom would want.”

The comment brought the momager to tears, especially as she thought about how this death is affecting Amari. You can just tell how much love they all have for each other — even after all they’ve been through. So, we’d hate to think it was fake, or at least amped up, for the show.

On the other hand, the death of anyone — let alone a mother– is obviously a very emotional thing to deal with, and we can understand why Dishawn feels uncomfortable with it turning into a storyline on the reality show. That said, it seems like Tristan signed off on it. Does that make it okay, though? Let us know what you think (below).

[Image via Hulu & Dishawn Thompson/Facebook]

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