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Quavo Gets Emotional Over Takeoff’s Death In Vulnerable Interview: ‘Sometimes I Cry Myself To Sleep’

Quavo Gets Emotional Over Takeoff’s Death In Vulnerable Interview: ‘Sometimes I Cry Myself To Sleep’

We are so proud of Quavo and how vulnerable he is here. It must be so healing for others going through the same kind of grief.

Yes, the rapper is opening up about his late nephew Takeoff in an emotional new interview.

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly been nine months since the talented rapper tragically passed away after being shot in a Houston bowling alley… But one thing that’s remained as strong as ever through all this time is his uncle’s unwavering love.

In a lengthy interview posted to Quavo’s YouTube page titled A Conversation for the Fans, the Greatness rapper reflected on losing a loved one, and how he’s been doing in the time since:

“I miss him a lot and I love him. He know I love him. That’s what we always know. So when you see me and you see me smiling or something like that, you don’t gotta never think I forgot about him or I’ll forget about him. I think about him all the time.”

So sad. The two, in addition to Cardi B’s husband Offset, garnered fame in rap group Migos until the 28-year-old’s tragic passing.

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Quavo admitted that to this day, he’ll sometimes “cry” thinking about his late nephew:

“Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. And that’s it. I just know he’s here. If I can’t feel him, I just know he’s around.”

It sounds like the two had such an incredible bond. While Quavo may be Takeoff’s uncle, they were only three years apart, so they likely had a brotherly-type relationship.

The Atlanta native also shared that his upcoming album Rocket Power, which is set to release next Friday — and is named in tribute to the late artist — features all his bottled up “emotions” and “pain.” He explained:

“It means everything to me. Just being fueled by my brother, Take, and just bottling in all these emotions, all the pain, all the hard times, all the times I cried and all the times I just made music just to pull up and try to play songs and he not there. I’m just trying to get this fuel from above and this fuel from the sky and call it Rocket Power.”

That’s really sweet. We can’t wait to listen!

He added that he has a “plaque” of Takeoff in his recording studio, so anytime he’s making music, he’ll look over and get “power” from the Last Memory rapper. Still, though, in the wake of his nephew’s death, he’s struggling to find his purpose:

“I feel like I’m just floating. … I’m grown, I’m a grown man, and I just feel like I’m here for a reason. And once I get my job done, we all gotta go. I’m just here til’ the job is done, so I can get back with my boy.”

You can really feel the love.

Expect to hear some of Takeoff’s “unreleased verses” on Rocket Power, as Quavo is set to tease a few never-before-heard vocals, before ultimately releasing a posthumous project for the late rapper:

“I want to keep his stuff very, very sacred right now for his project. I don’t wanna be pulling the stuff and then we get to his project and [we don’t] know what to do… Knowing him, he want his s**t right.”

Watch his full interview (below):

Our hearts continue to be with the rapper as he struggles to find his place in the world without Takeoff. Will you be tuning into Rocket Power next week? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Quavo & BuzzFeed/YouTube]

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