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12 Days Of Perezmas: 10 Trump Twitter Lies!

Donald Trump Twitter Lies Perezmas

On the tenth day of Perezmas, pop culture gave to us… TEN* Trump lies on Twitter!!!
*OK, lest WE start this off with a lie, let’s be totally transparent here. There are WAY more than ten lies in this post. Why?
Donald Trump is such a nonstop fibber, the man can sometimes hit two, three, even FIVE untruths in a single tweet!
He just lies with such reckless abandon…
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But we tried to focus on the BIGGEST lies the Unindicted Co-Conspirator-In-Chief has hit followers with in 2018.
Starting with…
1. “Trade Wars Are Good”

For a great many people whose livelihoods have been directly impacted because of Trump’s pointless fights, “Trade wars are good, and easy to win” may be the lie of his presidency.
2. “The Highest Taxed Nation In The World.”

We are NOT the highest taxed nation in the world. Nowhere close.
We are, at the very highest, the 17th highest taxed (and as low the 31st depending on the measure). Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and Trump’s beloved Norway are among the countries with HIGHER tax rates in various categories.
3. “Using Children For Their Own Sinister Purposes.”

Trump actually defended his cruel imprisonment of children by claiming the refugees fleeing Central America and looking for asylum in the U.S. brought children for “sinister purposes.”
They brought children because they are PARENTS! Not that a man who cheated on his wife right after she gave birth would know anything about caring for children…
4. “Amazon Costing The United States Post Office Massive Amounts Of Money”

In order to slam one of his biggest rivals, Amazon CEO and actual billionaire Jeff Bezos, Trump straight up invented the idea that shipping Amazon packages costs the U.S. Postal Service money.
In fact, the opposite is true — it’s one of their only growing sources of revenue, bringing in billions every year.
5. “Gross Mismanagement of The Forests”

This is a lie on so many levels. The biggest is the opening line, the “no reason.” The reason is climate change. It’s making things worse. Scientists agree on this, but Trump insists his gut is smarter than everyone else’s brain.
The other lie is about California mismanaging the forests. Not only is he blaming an act of nature on the victims, he’s misleading about the fact the fires started on federally managed land. AND threatening to cut funding to boot! Ugh.
6. “Collusion Is Not A Crime”

This is just a hilarious defense. It’s sort of like if Colonel Mustard said, “Show me where it says in the legal statutes the words ‘beat to death with a candlestick in the library’!”
No, “collusion” is how people are referring to a litany of crimes including conspiracy to commit fraud against the United States.
So yes, what he’s being accused of is a crime.
This tweet gets special distinction by adding the OTHER popular lie Trump’s defenders have been pushing — that paying the firm which employed a British spy who UNCOVERED Trump’s collusion with Russia… was in itself collusion with Russia. Because the spy figured it out through his Russian sources. This is basically like pointing the finger at police for spending an awful lot of time discussing crime with criminals.
7. “Fudging My Tape On Russia”

As part of yet another rant against the free press, Trump actually said his infamous interview on NBC News, in which he freely admitted to firing James Comey over the Russia investigation, was a lie.
8. “I Never Pushed The Republicans In The House To Vote For The Immigration Bill…”
Sometimes it’s like he doesn’t even know how this site works…

Rewind three days…

Where’s a Ron Howard voice over when you need one?
9. “I Never Said ‘Give Teachers Guns'”
Sometimes Trump proves himself wrong in the SAME TWEET!
Like this one after actually pushing the ludicrous idea of applying the “good guy with a gun” myth to schools by starting a program where teachers who had firearms training would keep loaded weapons on school grounds.
After he was rightly criticized for this, he said:

He never said give teachers guns, just give some teachers guns.
No one but Trump and the NRA think more guns in schools is a good idea, btw.
10. “Totally Clears The President”
When prosecutors in the Southern District of New York released a sentencing document for Michael Cohen, describing him as having “acted in coordination and at the direction” of “Individual 1” (aka Donald Trump) to commit campaign finance violations, the Co-Conspirator-In-Chief immediately took to Twitter like it was opposite day, claiming:

A legal document flat-out saying you committed crimes which would mean indictment if you weren’t president is NOT something to celebrate.
[Image via Brian Doherty & Gisele Tellier/Future Image/WENN.]

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