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#BootBae Is The Most Dramatic Viral Saga Of 2017 -- Twitter Is Head Over Heels For This Story!

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2017 has been a year of viral Baes so far.
But Twitter‘s newest obsession, #BootBae, took some epic twists and turns as the story behind the hashtag unfolded!
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The social media saga began earlier this week, when a Twitter user posted a now-viral clip showing a woman protectively sticking up her thigh-high boot to another woman coming at her man during what looked like a fashion show:

Unsurprisingly, this ripe-for-the-picking clip got the full viral treatment — and thousands of re-tweets, memes, and sleuthing ensued:

As it turns out, the heel-yield took place during a date auction at a scholarship fundraiser for the University of Houston Nigerian Student Association — and the flirty model was up for bids!
Jordan Smith told BuzzFeed News all she was doing was working the crowd to get donations up for a good cause. She explained:

“[The organizers] thought I would have a good chance at getting bids. I was supposed to do something to entice the crowd to get my bids up and I didn’t really notice the couple├óΓé¼┬ª I just saw a guy.”

The 18-year-old said that after she was stopped by the infamous boot, she thought nothing of it and just kept on moving.
The hashtag could have quickly dissipated into the Twittersphere with that — but was given new life in a major plot twist!
Smith chimed in on the discussion, claiming she wasn’t actually eyeing Boot Bae’s man, but *GASP* Boot Bae herself! She wrote:

Naturally, this caused another wave of perplexed followers to re-evaluate the clip with this new information in mind:

Apparently, the skeptics were right — Smith admitted the plot twist was “just humor to cut the tension,” as plenty of twitics had been hating on her for having the audacity to flirt with Boot Bae’s man!
Though, the model doesn’t much mind the drama, as it has brought a ton of attention to the Nigerian Student Association (and her Twitter page, probably).
Thankfully, the biggest question out of this entire saga was put to rest — where one can purchase a pair of Boot Bae’s fly AF boots:

Phew! Now we can rest easy.
[Image via Twitter.]

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