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University Of Idaho Murders: Police Bodycam Shows Crime Scene Was A Party House -- And A LOT Of People Had Access

Could this new bodycam footage be a new lead for the case of University of Idaho murders?

As we’ve been reporting, students Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle were found stabbed to death in their off-campus home on November 13. While the Moscow Police Department has continued to investigate the quadruple homicide, there are a lot of unanswered questions about the case. Not only is the killer is still at large more than a month after the four students’ deaths, police haven’t even found a suspect.

Several people have already been ruled out, including a man Madison and Kaylee spoke with at a food truck, someone that drove the students home that night, a man Kaylee called several times, and their two roommates — who miraculously survived the slaughter unharmed. MPD also said that a man named “Adam,” who could be seen walking and talking with Kaylee and Madison on November 13, has been cooperating with the investigation.

It seems law enforcement are nowhere close to solving this case. But now, new footage has emerged that will hopefully provide more clues to help figure out what happened that night.

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According to body camera footage obtained by a true crime YouTube channel called Truth and Transparency, the house that would become the scene of the massacre seems to have been a party house. Two months before the brutal murders, on September 1, there was a massive bash on at the house that got out of hand, drawing a noise complaint by a neighbor. When two officers arrived at the scene, they asked the young woman who answered the door to speak to the students who lived at the property. She said she would go check and quickly closed the door. However, no one came out. The cops went on to bang on the front door, saying:

“We’re only here for a noise complaint. Come to the damn door.”

At one point, one of the officers could be heard telling a young man outside of the home:

“Whoever lives here needs to come talk to us or we’re going to start doing a lot more.”

Two young men then opened the front door. One of them claimed no one who lived at the house was there at the party. He said:

“I just looked for everyone that lived here and they’re not here right now. … No one’s here that lives here.”

When the police asked where they went, he replied:

“I have no clue.”

The other man then chimed in to share that:

“They left and went over to some other party.”

One of the guys who lived across the street also said he did not know anyone who resided at the home, adding:

“I think it’s mainly females.”

It’s this moment that is concerning. See, if the roommates were throwing parties where they’d just let strangers have their run of the house — when no one was at home — it paints a pretty different picture of their home security than we imagined. This was just weeks before the slayings. If someone had wanted to clear themselves a path to get in, it kind of seems like they’d have been able to do so without anyone realizing. A scary thought…

Eventually, the police officers were able to get in touch with Madison on the phone, telling her she should come home, and if they had to come back, they’ll face “even more problems.” See the bodycam footage (below):

So what does this mean for the investigation? If basically any college student could have had access to the house, that makes it all the harder to narrow down a list of potential killers… Hopefully other avenues of investigation are going better.

We’ll have to see what comes from this new piece of evidence. Reactions? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via ABC7/YouTube, Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram]

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