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Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Responds To Fans Saying She Should Be ‘Pissed’ About ‘Unflattering’ Pic Shared By Raquel Leviss

Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Responds To Fans Saying She Should Be ‘Pissed’ About ‘Unflattering’ Pics Posted By Raquel Leviss

Katie Maloney won’t stand for any harmful body shaming from the internet!

Recently, her fellow Vanderpump Rules cast member Raquel Leviss shared a picture of them from her engagement party to wish the 35-year-old a happy birthday on Instagram Stories. But when some critics apparently found the photo “unflattering” and said Maloney should be “pissed” at Leviss for sharing it, she had the perfect response to everyone:

“I wanted to post this photo that Raquel had posted on her story the other night, wishing me a happy birthday. Now it was alerted to her that this was “mean” and to me that I should be pissed. Neither of those things are true.”

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The television personality then slammed folks for believing that she should be angered by the snapshot, saying:

“It’s assumed that because some have found it unflattering that I would agree or that I would be angry that someone would post and unflattering photo of me. When I saw this I was like omg I look really happy, like that is a genuine smile right there. I’m not blind, I can clearly see the expression I’m making has given me about 12 chins.”

She then recalled how her appearance has been a constant point of conversation with followers over the years, admitting that it has completely messed with her head:

“I have been hearing now for too long that I should be ashamed of my body, calling out weight gain, weight loss, that I need to dress for my body (no women don’t need to dress for their body the need to wear what makes them feel confident and that does always mean what ‘flatters the body the most’ but that’s for a different conversation) and it f**ked with me.”

The You’re Gonna Love Me podcast host admitted the constant chatter about her body has made her worry so much about how she looks in pictures that she sometimes doesn’t want to take any with her loved ones anymore:

“It made me not even want to take photos with my friends and family, because I wouldn’t like the way I looked. Cause I couldn’t get past all the ‘unflattering bits’ and just enjoy the memories. I have scrapped photos and refrained from posting because of ‘bad angles’. Worrying about more judgement and criticism from people.”

However, Maloney is now over the negativity and ready to focus more on her journey towards self-love:

“But not anymore. Being about to look at the photo and not feel shame and only happiness because I look so happy here is really showing me that the work I have been doing is improving my self image. Self hate/criticism is more damaging than that of others. So really be kinder to yourself, it’s not easy some days, I have good and bad, but I’m working at it.”

Beautifully said. Ch-ch-check out the “important” message in its entirety (below):

Forget the haters!

Following her powerful note, several of her past and present co-stars, including Brittany Cartwright, Dayna Kathan, James Kennedy, and Stassi Schroeder, applauded Katie for her candid post. Leviss even took to the comments section to pen some words of support to her “beautiful” friend:

“I love you for standing up to this nonsense. people can be so cruel. I saw this photo and it make me smile cause it’s so candid. When I posted this, I kept thinking how effing cute your beaded heart bag is with that dress. I think you’re so beautiful!!!! People need to look at the bigger picture and realize that what they say can impact how we view ourselves if we let it. I admire you for not letting that get to you.”

Just a friendly reminder that everyone should be conscious about what they say on social media and just stop body-shaming people. You never know how your words will affect someone.

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

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