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Victoria Beckham Admits She Now Regrets Getting A Boob Job!

Victoria Beckham Regrets Boob Job

In case you were wonder, no, Victoria Beckham would NOT have gotten breast implants if she had it to do all over again!

The fashion mogul famously got a boob job at the height of her Spice Girls fame in the late ’90s. She later had them removed, something it took her a while to publicly acknowledge. But in her new cover profile for Allure on Thursday, she got more candid than ever about the surgery, telling the mag:

“If I’m honest, I wish I’d never [gotten implants].”


While she didn’t elaborate on what changed for her, one thing is clear: being a girl mom is having an effect on her views on beauty!

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The artist formerly known as Posh was talking about how 12-year-old Harper Beckham isn’t happy with her appearance, and how she’s been handling it:

“[Yesterday Harper said,] ‘I’ve got a gap in my teeth, Mommy. And I’ve got that little mole right here.’ I’m like, ‘That’s your lucky gap.’ And Cindy Crawford is a family friend, so I said, ‘Cindy was told to remove her mole, and that mole is what makes Cindy Cindy Crawford.’”

Good answers! We hope it’s working. The alternative is getting into the nitty gritty about having work done and the regrets that come with it.

Asked if she’s talked about her boob job with the preteen yet, Victoria said:

“It was a moment in time, and I think I can share my experiences with her. But we’re not there just yet.”

Well, this is Posh Spice we’re talking about. Even admitting she regrets the “torpedo bazookas” — as she once referred to them in 2011 — is a big deal for the famously stoic fashion icon. We kind of assumed from her removing them, but she never really talks about it. But one day she’ll share more with her daughter, at least. What do YOU think of her admission??

[Image via Victoria Beckham/Instagram/Joe White/WENN.]

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