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Hold On... Ariana Madix Is The One Who Won't Let Tom Sandoval Buy Her Out Of House?!

Hold On... Ariana Madix Is The One Who Won't Let Tom Sandoval Buy Her Out Of House?!

Is Ariana Madix the real reason she and Tom Sandoval haven’t stopped fighting over their home for MONTHS after breaking up?!

Earlier this week, the 38-year-old reality star revealed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she is still “working on the situation with the ownership of the house.” Ariana insisted she was ready to sell the property and fully cut ties with her ex-boyfriend. Sandoval, on the other hand, was not. She really made it seem like he was holding on for some reason.

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Considering the fact it’s been nine months since Scandoval, you’d think the cheater would be ready to stop living with his ex-girlfriend by this point! So why delay the sale or a buyout? Money reasons? We can imagine Sandoval isn’t making as much as Ariana is post-Scandoval.

What if it’s not Sandy causing the house hold? What if it’s actually… Ariana?!

A brand new sneak peek of the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules features a conversation between Ariana and Katie Maloney, in which the cocktail book author reveals Sandoval DOES want to “buy her out” of the home! She explains in the clip:

“I feel like the house is the last thing that’s tying things. But what I think is psychotic, is that he wants to buy me out and stay here.”

Sorry, WHAT?! Isn’t that what you want? Get your money and get away from him??

However, Ariana refuses to agree to that plan! The former Dancing With The Stars competitor makes it clear she’s actually angry over the idea of having to move while Sandoval would be able to stay in the home following their split:

“I’m sorry, but then you don’t have to move, and I do?”

Wait, what?! So was Ariana not fully honest on WWHL? She actually has been the one keeping them in their current living situation because she won’t let Sandoval buy her out? Hmm. Ariana goes on to tell Katie she wouldn’t be surprised if Sandoval brought back Rachel Leviss to their house if she moved — something she’s not OK with at all:

“What are you gonna bring your little pen pal back over here? I don’t f**king think so.”

Ah, so she’s saying no to the sale out of spite? Hmm…

Then, Ariana notes the pair are still together as they’ve been exchanging letters and packages to each other while Rachel was in a mental health facility in Arizona. She says in confessional:

“From what I can tell, Tom and Rachel are still very much together, because they’re sending mail and packages back-and-forth to each other. She even sent a postcard with lightning bolts all over it. Like, get a new bit already.”

Obviously, things have changed since then. Rachel ended things with Sandoval. So Ariana doesn’t have to worry about her bumping into the 29-year-old these days! Did that make her change her tune about selling? Ch-ch-check out the teaser clip (below):

We get it — moving can be A LOT! And it sucks for him to be the one to keep the house when he was the person in the wrong. But at this point, if Sandoval made a reasonable offer, wouldn’t it be better to take it and get the hell out of there?

Well, that’s just the problem. Ariana says the offer wasn’t reasonable at all! She took to the comments of the teaser video to clarify to fans the TomTom owner put in an offer that “was trash.” She continued negotiations, and he’s the one who hasn’t come to the table. She exclaimed (yes, in all caps):


Ariana then noted that “it’s gonna be a looooooong season.” Oof. No wonder she warned fans they might turn against her this season! She’s already got a taste of it in the comments section, as social media users blasted her for not taking the offer! Ariana better prep herself for the rest of the season, just in case!

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[Image via Vanderpump Rules/Peacock]

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