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Welcome To Plathville Alum Olivia Plath Says New Duggar Doc Is 'Triggering' Because She Lived It!

Welcome To Plathville Alum Olivia Plath Says New Duggar Doc Is 'Triggering' Because She Lived It!

The former star of Welcome To Plathville is reacting to the all-new documentary focused upon a very similar right-wing Christian family — and she sees a lot of parallels in the new series.

Of course, Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle are in the proverbial crosshairs right now after Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets debuted on Amazon Prime late last week. But not everybody who is tuning in to the series is watching for the sheer shock value. Some, like Olivia Plath, are recalling their own lives in similar situations.

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As Perezcious readers no doubt know, the 25-year-old is one of the former stars of the series Welcome To Plathville. That show, which first hit screens back in 2019, center on a fundamentalist family living in rural Georgia. Helmed by father Barry and mother Kim Plath, the family’s nine children — including Olivia’s husband Ethan — were shown on screen living out the clan’s conservative Christian beliefs while shunning technology and the modern world.

So, when Olivia tuned into Amazon Prime to watch the story of Jim Bob and Michelle’s embattled family play out, she saw a lot that looked familiar. In a video clip posted over the weekend, the young woman took aim at the Duggar fam’s upbringing in the docuseries. Specifically, Olivia noted revelations about the Institute in Basic Life Principles, formerly controlled by Duggar family friend Bill Gothard, and how its Christian, conservative, patriarchal rules compared to the past Plath life.

Speaking candidly in a Saturday Instagram Stories post, Olivia said of the new docuseries:

“That was my life up until a few years ago. A little triggering to watch, but also there is solidarity in having other people speak up and say, ‘yep, you’re not crazy, happened to me too. I know about this.’ That is healing in a way.”


Speaking alongside her sister Lydia, Olivia relayed her take on being “ex-fundie and ex-cult kids” in relation to the new reveal on the Duggar family.

The Welcome To Plathville alum said:

“I will say, the realm in which my public life exists, there’s a lot of things I can’t say. There’s a lot of things I want to say about religion, about my past, about the world that I went right back into, and I hadn’t known to say them in the public space that exists for me, so I’m gonna get on [Instagram] instead.”

Then, clarifying that she is “not really religious anymore,” Olivia tried to make light of her difficult upbringing now that she’s out of it and moved on to her adult life:

“I’m jumping on to say my experience, to be honest, was decently negative. There’s a lot of things that I laugh about now, because what else are you supposed to do?”

Can’t argue with that.

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This isn’t even the first time Olivia has spoken out about her strict upbringing, and that of her husband Ethan.

Back in 2020, also on Instagram, the now-former reality TV star got real about her very domineering Christian childhood:

“Growing up in a conservative, legalistic church left a bad taste of Christianity in my mouth. As an adult, I’ve wrestled hard with what I believe and what religion I want in my life. And here’s what I decided … I don’t want religion. I want nothing to do with religion. I want a relationship. I identify as a Christian, and I love Jesus. Jesus without all the crap and rules and hate and judgment.”

So maybe it’s no wonder Shiny Happy People hit home so strongly for the young woman! Right?

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Did you check out this new Amazon Prime series yet?

[Image via TLC/YouTube/Olivia Plath/Instagram]

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