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Actor Jonathan Tucker RUSHED Into Action To Save 3 Little Girls In Terrifying Home Invasion -- And It’s All On Video!

Westworld Star Jonathan Tucker RUSHES Into Action To Save 3 Little Girls In Terrifying Home Invasion -- & It’s All On Video!

Jonathan Tucker is far more than an actor — he’s a protector!

The 42-year-old, who made a name for himself in franchises like Westworld, Kingdom, and more, rushed to an LA family’s aid during a terrifying home invasion recently. In Ring doorbell footage obtained by KCAL News on Tuesday, a man can be seen approaching a local family’s residence. The guy is clearly bad news, seemingly talking to himself, it’s creepy. After a few moments, he opens the door and just… walks in. Apparently, the homeowner received a text from a neighbor informing him the man was outside his house. But when he arrived, the offender was already entering the residence — where his wife and three young daughters were!

So scary…

The mother asked the man what he was doing, but he reportedly just kept walking towards her. That’s when she screamed for her three kids to flee the house. The homeowner ran inside to defend his family and audible chaos ensued. At that moment, Jonathan can be seen in the Ring footage rushing into the home barefoot and with a gym bag around his arm to help… Later carrying one of the three children out to safety. Thankfully, he’d already called the police, who eventually responded and apprehended the man. Luckily, no one was injured.

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The homeowner described Jonathan to the news outlet as “block security,” who “makes sure everything is under control.” Apparently, he was tracking the man for more than an hour prior to the incident.

The victims later told the outlet they own a mental health facility, and the home invader was someone they had offered to house there in the past. More details (below):

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