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Jennifer Lopez Has A Plan To Make Ben Affleck 'Fall In Love’ Again -- But Will It Work?!

Jennifer Lopez Has A Plan To Make Ben Affleck 'Fall In Love’ Again – But Will It Work?!

Jennifer Lopez really isn’t giving up without a fight.

Amid building divorce rumors, insiders told on Wednesday the singer is looking to “make extra efforts” to save her marriage to Ben Affleck. Innerestingly, J.Lo apparently blames herself for this media frenzy because she let the breakup reports play out in the headlines amid her Netflix press tour, an insider dished:

“Jennifer allowed the breakup rumors to ruminate while on the press tour for her new film Atlas because if people are talking about you, it can be a good thing for publicity. But she is now seeing that Ben didn’t like that.”

Of course he didn’t! Who would? Even if it does get your movie to #1 on streaming! But is it really all her fault??

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The duo hadn’t been seen together for nearly 50 days when the actress started stepping out on the red carpet. People were already speculating! And Ben didn’t make it better by bailing on the LA premiere! That said, we’re not sure she could have done anything to stop it! We mean, talking wouldn’t have helped — unless Jennifer was ready to be completely honest with reporters. Remember, what little she did say during the press trip backfired. And opening up about it might have upset Ben even more, considering he wants to be more private!

But looking to the future, the performer just canceled her entire tour. Was it over low ticket sales or personal issues? We’ve heard conflicting reports, but either way it seems like she is using the time to mend issues with the Good Will Hunting alum. If she’s willing to shut down a whole tour for more time with him, that’s quite a gesture!

But it might not work! Why? Because he’s just as booked and busy as she usually is! They said:

“They are going to be apart while he works on his movies, but Jennifer is looking to make extra efforts to be there together during their days off.”

More quality time together would certainly be helpful, especially since they’re no longer living together. The insider continued:

“They are in love but she wants to fall in love with Ben again and get back to what got them back together in the first place. She wants him to feel better about their relationship.”

Hmm. We feel like they’ve got the falling in love part down pat — it’s the staying in love that needs a lot of work! Just sayin’!

While there has been a LOT of talk about what tore the lovebirds apart, this insider stressed that the main problem in the relationship is their poor “communication” skills, elaborating:

“They have to work on their communication first and foremost. Some have said the way they spend money is putting a strain on their relationship, but that isn’t the case. It’s that their communication is off.”

Hmm. Spending more time together could help! But if they really don’t see eye to eye about major lifestyle decisions — such as how public they want to be about their personal lives — will any amount of good communication help?

Either way, it has to be nice to know Jen is willing to go to such lengths to save this romance! We’re rooting for her over here!

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