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Remember 21 Jump Street, the 80’s undercover cop TV show that introduced the world to the magnificence that is Johnny Depp?

Well…according to reports, Superbad star Jonah Hill is in negotiations to develop a movie adaptation of the show!

Jonah Hill????

Let’s hope he doesn’t ruin star in it!

Hill’s going to write the screenplay and serve as an exec. producer, but it’s not clear if he’ll make an appearance in the movie.

Neal Moritz of I Am Legend and 21 Jump Street co-creator Stephen J. Cannell will produce.

Sadly, we’re not expecting Johnny Depp to make an appearance. Do you?

Johnny’s too um, seasoned, to re-visit his past this way, right?

And, this announcement proves once and for all that originality is officially dead in Hollywoodland!

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May 14, 2008 12:15pm PDT

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