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Wheel Of Fortune Fans Blast The Show After Contestant Loses Due To Harsh Technicality

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Blast The Show After Contestant Loses Due To Harsh Ruling

A Wheel of Fortune contestant almost won on Wednesday night’s episode but lost on a small technicality — something fans aren’t too happy about it!

In case you didn’t know, the show introduced a new crossword puzzle format in 2016. And since its creation, one nit-picky rule has continued to plague contestants and viewers. The crossword is typically a list of four words that the challengers aim to fill, but they aren’t allowed to include additional words when they answer. Unfortunately, it cost David Pederson the big bucks when he solved the category “Catch of the Day.”

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The player had correctly answered: “Sole, Flounder, Cod, and Catfish,” but Pat Sajak denied it because of the word “and,” according to Yahoo Entertainment. A fellow competitor then solved the puzzle by providing an identical response just without the no-no word. UGH!

This isn’t the first time the Wheel of Fortune crossword has cost a participant the prize. In 2019, Kristen Shaw missed out on over $1,900 and a trip to Nashville after adding “and” to her answer. A spokesperson for the popular game show spoke out on the pesky regulations to Fox News following the incident, saying:

“Our long-standing rule is that in order to have a correct puzzle solve, a contestant must say only what is on the board without adding words. They are thoroughly briefed prior to the show, and Pat often reminds them of this rule when solving a puzzle in this particular category.”

Still, many people were (hilariously) enraged on Twitter over the harsh ruling. One person wrote:

“I generally agree with strict adherence to rules, which helps ensure consistent treatment among contestants, but ‘and’ should be allowed on crossword puzzles. #WheelOfFortune”

Another said:

“Bad call @WheelofFortune on the #crossword loss. Change the rule to allow ‘and,’ allow @patsajak to SPECIFICALLY remind contestants not to add ‘and’ before solving in the category, or just get rid of the category altogether!”

A third tweeted:

“Another contestant losing out on money because they said AND on the crossword puzzle. @WheelofFortune just change the dumbest rule ever and allow this.”

To which a social media user added:

“Why don’t you have the ‘and’ symbol in the puzzle then people could say ‘and’ and not lose their money.”

It does make sense, and it would definitely eliminate the confusion! Despite the call for a rule change, others argued the contestants just need to listen to Sajak more. Here is what some others had to say (below):


While we understand Pat always announces the rules beforehand, it still seems a little silly to disqualify an answer over one word like “and.” An easy fix would be to allow the word in the answer or have it on the board already. Just saying! Granted, without the stupid rule, would people even have an excuse to talk about Wheel of Fortune?!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Let us know your opinions on the rule in the comments (below)!

[Image via Wheel of Fortune/YouTube ]

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