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Twitter Blasts White House For Posting Misleading Snow Photo: 'It's 54 Degrees Right Now'!

White House posts snow pic

The White House was hit by a storm of ridicule on Sunday when it celebrated the “first snow of the year” in Washington DC — all while bemused locals confirmed it did not snow at all and was, in fact, unseasonably warm that day.

The original tweet showed a picturesque view (below) of the historic residence, complete with the caption:

“First snow of the year!”

The festive photo left social media confused, as it was not snowing in DC on Sunday. In actuality, the local temperature hit a balmy 70 with a low of 49, according to the National Weather Service.

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As it turns out, the photo was apparently taken a few days prior. The same pic was uploaded to the White House Flickr account, which showed it was actually taken on January 7, rather than Sunday as the tweet erroneously suggested.

It may have simply been a harmless case of poor timing, but social media was unforgiving to the administration that’s been known to peddle out misinformation on the reg. In a flurry of backlash, fans left comments like:

“What you’re actually seeing is the ashes of the Constitution.”

“What??? The daytime high in DC today was 68F.  I was wearing shorts this afternoon. When you sent out this tweet, it was still 20+ degrees too warm for snow.”

“Huh? It’s 54 degrees right now in DC.”

“It’s 54 degrees. Is there anything you don’t lie about?”

“Really???? Do you people have to lie about everything???”

“I don’t get it. Why does this administration feel the necessity to lie about even the smallest things? Why doctor a photo and say it’s snowing when we all know it isn’t. Do they really think we can’t check? This is getting so tiresome.”

Other Twitics replied with obviously fake photos — one being an image of the winter planet Hoth from Star Wars — claiming it was the first day of snow.

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Even more responders brought up Donald Trump’s bizarre hurricane map that went viral last year. For those who forgot, POTUS attempted to argue Alabama would be hit by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019 by holding up a map featuring what appeared to be a Sharpie-drawn circle that falsely extended the hurricane’s projected path.

Trump also fake news’d the weather when he falsely claimed that had stopped while he gave his speech at his 2017 inauguration and started again once he finished.

What do U think of the snow photo, Perezcious readers? Harmless mistake or more weather manipulation from the Trump administration?

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