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Why Ariana Grande's Husband Dalton Gomez's Desperate Last Try To Save 'Rocky' Marriage 'Didn't Work'!

Ariana Grande Husband Dalton Gomez Flew To London Save Marriage Divorce

For anyone out there hoping the Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez breakup rumors were just idle talk… sorry to disappoint. All we’re hearing is more confirmation they’re dunzo — and with it, a LOT more details about the split.

First off, that TMZ source over the weekend claimed the couple had been “separated since January” and are “heading towards divorce.” But they also mentioned they’d “tried a reconciliation.” And we might now know what they were talking about…

According to an insider spilling to Page Six on Monday, Dalton did what was either a grand romantic gesture or a last gambit of desperation, flying across the pond to London to try to fix things.

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As you may know, Ariana has been filming there since December on the two-part Wicked film adaptation. Apparently whatever problems they’d had while together got clarified with some time apart. Because just a month later, in January, Dalton jetted to the UK just to try to mend things. Unfortunately, says the source, “it didn’t work out” — and it was after this failure that they decided on the big D. The other big D. Divorce. We’re talking about divorce.

Another source told Page Six:

“They came to the decision together. They were having problems before January, but they want to remain best friends.”

A source backed that up to Entertainment Tonight, saying they’re “quietly and lovingly working on their friendship.” Really?? Wow. That’s so commendable — but a touch surprising if we’re being honest.

We guess it’s because there was no big blowout fight or huge, unforgivable betrayal. They just maybe… weren’t right for one another? Another source told ET:

“Ariana and Dalton tried to make things work, but ultimately they were just not a good fit. Dalton has been very private and low-key about their relationship with his work colleagues and hasn’t been talking a lot about their split.”

What were the issues?? Well, yet another source from their inner circle seems to think they rushed into this whole marriage thing:

“Ariana and Dalton’s friends have always been concerned by their whirlwind romance and felt their relationship would ultimately be short-lived. Their relationship has been rocky at different points, and they’ve had trouble making time for each other with scheduling issues.”

Well, scheduling is always going to be an issue, right? Especially with an actress-pop star who’s going to be busy a LOT. Another source mentioned the distance, too, saying:

“Ariana and Dalton have had issues for a while and tried working through them but couldn’t. Ariana has been filming Wicked overseas and working a lot. The couple ultimately decided to end things.”

We’re starting to get some major Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn vibes here. After all, they began the relationship during lockdown, they got married in 2021, at the height of the pandemic. And now that she’s back to that jet set, A-lister life it’s not working? Hmm… Speaking of which, she looks like she’s having fun! She was spotted with Wicked co-star Jonathan Bailey living it up at Wimbledon over the weekend! A new bestie will def help a gal get over a breakup!

What do YOU think, Perezcious dating experts? Did Ariana and Dalton just think they were a good fit because of the extreme circumstances??

[Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram.]

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