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Dean McDermott Thinks Tori Spelling ‘Used Their Marital Problems To Stay Relevant' For Years!

Dean McDermott Thinks Tori Spelling Using Marriage Problems Fame

Whoa! Could this be the reason there always seem to be rumors of Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling having marriage problems? Are they coming from Tori herself?!?

That seems to be the wider implication of the latest quote by an insider close to the couple. The source told on Monday:

“For a very long time Tori used their marital problems to stay relevant.”

But what does this insider mean??

“Everyone knew about their issues, and she didn’t play it down, she played it — even going so far to go outside where she knew paparazzi were waiting holding papers that were a clear indication of a divorce. This really took a toll on Dean.”

Damn. We have heard whispers of their issues for a long time. And Tori herself has teased it occasionally — like in the interview when she revealed they weren’t sleeping in the same bed anymore. That was pretty severe. Was it for attention? Does Dean really believe that??

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This all comes on the heels of the couple’s apparent split. Dean posted a divorce announcement earlier this month on Instagram — only to delete it mere hours later. We haven’t been able to get a straight answer from the couple since. But a full-on announcement doesn’t come out of nowhere — that’s not an impulse move.

What’s been happening in the relationship that led to this?? According to DM‘s source (who is clearly closer to Dean), the pressure on the marriage lately is all Tori’s doing. They say:

“Dean has changed and worked very hard to be the husband she needed him to be but she is still demanding and entitled. Nothing he does or has done will ever be good enough for her.”

(No joke, but is their source Dean?? Just saying… Blink twice if this is Dean!)

The “insider” explained that money problems led to more demands on Dean professionally:

“She wanted him to start working and bring home money to support their family and he landed major role in a Canadian TV series and some big movie parts.”

But it wasn’t just bringing home the Canadian bacon that she wanted from him:

“She wanted him to be a better father to their kids and he has devoted all his free time to them… She wanted him to be more romantic and he would go out of his way to bring her flowers, constantly showering her with gifts to show her how much he loved her and it finally sunk in.”

They’re referring to those golden days the couple shared the past few months — the reason we were so surprised by the split news. So what happened?? The source says:

“Tori finally let him love her, and things were going great between them. But then she started taking him for granted and it went downhill quickly.”

Hmm. This is far from an objective view on the relationship. But at least it seems to be some real insight about where Dean is coming from.

What do YOU think of these latest quotes from Dean? Sorry, from a source close to Dean…

[Image via Dean McDermott/Instagram/Ellen/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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