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Why He Dumped Her


A guy described as one of Tony Romo‘s best buddies from his Eastern Illinois college revealed to the Chicago Sun-Times that Romo quit Jessica Simpson for two reasons — one, the intense media scrutiny that comes from being in Simpson’s life and number two, the problems he has with her overbearing father, Joe Simpson.

Duh, Tony! Everyone knows that if you date Jessica, media will be up your ass at every turn!

But, we do feel for him and that Poppa Joe thing.

Joe Simpson has been ”not only telling Jessica every move to make, but now has begun to offer unsolicited advice to Tony on his career, endorsement opportunities and things that have nothing to do with him dating Jessica.”

Poor Pete Wentz…wonder how he deals.

Anyone who dates Jessica in the future should have a nice long talk with Nick Lachey first!

Despite dumping her ass, though, Romo is still expected to accompany her to sister Asslee‘s wedding this weekend.

He’s such a gentleman!

That should be nice and AWKWARD.

Romo’s friend, though, insists he and Simpson ”are definitely over.”

Have fun this weekend, Tony!

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May 16, 2008 10:15am PDT

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