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Female Hiker Falls Into PIT OF POOP Trying To Retrieve Her Dropped Phone!

Woman Falls Vault Toilet To Get Phone Olympic National Forest

OMG, this poor woman! But also… y’all… sometimes you just have to let that phone go!

First responders had to rescue a female hiker in Washington state’s Olympic National Forest because of a scary, dangerous fall. Not from a cliff, not into a ravine… but into a toilet.

OK, let’s back up. A vault toilet, sometimes called a pit toilet, is what is used for restrooms in areas with no plumbing. It’s basically a big ol’ hole in the ground with a bathroom built on top. Instead of getting flushed down pipes, all the human waste just fills up the vault until it gets so full a truck comes and pumps it all out.

Vault Toilet
The inside of a typical vault toilet. / KRTV/YouTube

According to a viral Facebook post, the Brinnon Fire Department and Quilcene Fire Rescue teams were alerted to a woman who needed to be rescued near the parking lot at the top of Mount Walker.

She explained to them that she had been using the toilet when she dropped her phone. Into the commode.

Obviously a big tragedy these days — you lose so much, especially everything that’s not in the cloud. BUT. Are you really going after it? What would YOU do??

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Well, this unidentified woman, who was said to be in her 40s, she went for it. She reached down in that toilet to try to get her phone. When she realized she couldn’t reach, she actually took apart the whole toilet, dismantling and removing the commode to reveal just the hole beneath. From that angle it was still too far for her to reach with her arm, so she MacGyvered her dog’s leash into an implement to try to fish it out. When that didn’t work, say the Brinnon Fire Department, she tried to use the leashes as a rope to lower herself into the vault.

Again, when we say vault, we mean a hole in the ground full of human fecal matter.

Unfortunately for her, the dog leash didn’t hold, and she fell, “head first,” into the pit. She got her phone alright. But she was also now trapped several feet down in a hole full of pee and poo. She told the rescue team she tried for a good 15-20 minutes to climb out herself before realizing it was too far down. Since she had her phone back, she called 911.

The fire crews arrived and found the woman in the hole. They handed down pieces into the toilet hole of a makeshift platform, which the woman was able to piece together and eventually stand on, at which point they lifted her out.

Woman Fell Pit Toilet
(c) Brinnon Fire Department/Facebook

Thankfully despite falling head first she “was extremely fortunate not to be overcome by toxic gases or sustain injury,” per the fire chief! Either she’s a tough customer or what she fell on was nice and soft… BLECCHH.

The rescue teams hosed down the woman and gave her a hazmat suit to wear. They also highly recommended she seek medical attention as she had been exposed to human waste. But the woman told them she “only wanted to leave” and was allowed to go home to California.

[Image via Miramax/YouTube.]

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Apr 21, 2022 18:05pm PDT