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Woman Has Hand Amputated After Freak Accident With A Blow Dryer!!

Woman Has Hand Amputated After Blow Dryer Leaves Her With Severe Burns!

Yikes! A woman in South Carolina had her hand amputated after a scary mishap with a blow dryer!

Mary Wilson told WCIV on Wednesday that back on February 7, she was in her bathroom attempting to blow dry her hair when she passed out (after likely being shocked by the device), only to wake up on the floor with severe injuries! She explained:

“The way I [fell] on top of the dryer, like it was under me, and I was in a weird, contorted placement and the dryer was still running.”

She was on the ground for about 20 minutes with the dryer “blowing out hot air” on her limb before her partner found her and discovered something was seriously wrong!

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The woman added:

“She’s telling me, ‘Your hand, your hand.’ I look at my hand. I don’t even register that’s a part of me. It doesn’t even look recognizable.”

Mary was taken to the hospital where doctors determined her left hand and wrist had to be amputated because she’d suffered a serious burn and nerve damage — all thanks to the heat! She recalled:

“The burns on my hand were third-degree burns. They were all the way to the bone.”


Mary is now telling her story in hopes blow dryer manufacturers will implement more safety measures (such as an automatic shutoff function) to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, noting:

“You see it with hair straighteners and flat irons — they do have that ceramic plate that once it gets to a certain temperature, it turns off. If it did, then maybe my injuries wouldn’t have been so bad.”

Now in recovery, Mary is learning to adjust to her new life, which has been difficult because it is harder and/or slower to do “simple things” and daily tasks. She’s not even sure she’ll ever get to go back to her work as a dog groomer. Oof. Trying to keep a positive outlet, she concluded:

“I’m still gonna live my life to the fullest. It’s just a hand. What is this? 10% of my body. Losing my hand may be something that changed who I am, but that doesn’t mean that it defines me on everything.”

Wow! What an inspirational attitude after such a freak accident! You’d never think blow-drying your hair could be so dangerous! We’re wishing her well in her recovery! Hear more (below).

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[Image via WRAL/YouTube]

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