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We told you last week that Rachael Ray and her shady lawyer husband of two years, John Cusimano, are this close to filing for divorce.
Now, the New York Post is also reporting on their crumbling marriage.
Insiders tell the paper that Ray and Cusimano are “going through a messy breakup” and add that “her mother is in town from Lake George to help Rachael find an apartment.”
Of course, reps for the couple are denying any marital turmoil.
Her publicist says, “Rachael and John are happier than ever and have been in the Hamptons since Tuesday enjoying the holiday week with friends. Rachael’s mom, Elsa, is upstate at the family cabin. There is no truth to reports they are about to get divorced.”
Uh huh. Spin spin!
Publicists are paid to lie.
The Post is also reporting that Rachael has been getting quite “friendly” with Colby Donaldson, the ex Survivor cast member who joined the Rachael Ray show in February.
And so the cookie crumbles!

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Jul 09, 2007 07:36am PDT

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