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Extreme Raw Vegan Influencer Zhanna Samsonova Dead After ONLY Living Off Fruits & Juices For Years

Extreme Raw Vegan Influencer Zhanna Samsonova Dead After Living Off Fruits & Juices For Years

A viral influencer has sadly died after sticking to years of an extreme raw vegan diet.

Zhanna Samsonova, known as Zhanna D’Art on social media, where she amassed over 11.8 thousand followers on Instagram, reportedly passed away on July 21 in Malaysia after living solely off exotic fruit, according to friends and family.

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Born in Russia, the 39-year-old had embarked on what she believed to be a health and wellness journey, reportedly traveling around Asia for the past 17 years where she consumed a completely raw vegan diet — which she described on social media as including “fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies, and juices.” However, she often worried loved ones, who believed she needed medical attention for her increasingly emaciated condition — but she believed otherwise. One unidentified friend told Newsflash:

“A few months ago, in Sri Lanka, she already looked exhausted, with swollen legs oozing lymph. They sent her home to seek treatment. However, she ran away again. When I saw her in Phuket, I was horrified.”

“Again”?! So it sounds like this wasn’t the first time her condition had landed her in the hospital…

The anonymous friend added:

“I lived one floor above her and every day I feared finding her lifeless body in the morning. I convinced her to seek treatment, but she didn’t make it.”

So sad.

A local Russian newspaper in Kazan, where Zhanna was originally from, reported that her mother, Vera Samsonova, who did not approve of her daughter’s diet, claimed the influencer died of a “cholera-like infection” that couldn’t fully be fought off by her “exhausted” body, possibly because of her diet. However, as of now, no official cause of death has been announced.

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One social media user seemingly echoed Zhanna’s mother, commenting on a recent post of the 39-year-old’s:

“Zhanna’s idle stagnation was causing her to melt before our eyes, but she believed everything was fine. Only her eyes, merry eyes, and gorgeous hair compensated for the dreadful sight of a body tortured by idiocy. Forgive me if it sounds harsh.”

Another friend claimed that Zhanna had only consumed jackfruit and durian for the last seven years, which they believe to be a major contributing factor to her untimely death:

“You don’t need to be a doctor to understand where this will lead.”

The influencer had also been open on social media about “dry fasting,” where she wouldn’t eat or drink anything for DAYS. Ultimately, though, she gushed about her seemingly unsustainable diet on social media:

“I see my body and mind transform every day. I love my new me, and never move on to the habits that I used to use.”

Oof. How tragic.

Sending our love and prayers to the Samsonova family as they deal with the tragedy. Rest in peace.

[Images via Zhanna D’Art/Instagram]

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