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Justin Bieber Isn't The Only Star To Get Caught Drunk Driving! See The Celebs That Have Been Busted For DUI!

justin biebers ferrari

Few things are less cool than drinking and driving.

And while the world is collectively shaking their heads at Justin Bieber today following his DUI arrest in Florida, keep in mind that the Biebs isn't the only one who's been busted behind the wheel and over the limit!

Who else has been charged with driving while under the influence?

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs Who Have Been Arrested On DUIs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs Who Have Been Arrested On DUIs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs Who Have Been Arrested On DUIs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs Who Have Been Arrested On DUIs!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs Who Have Been Arrested On DUIs!"

Amanda Bynes Is Back To School! Get All The Deets About Her First Day At FIDM HERE!

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amanda bynes gsi

Amanda Bynes has really turned it all around.

After months of bizarre behavior and a 5150 psychiatric hold, Amanda attended her first day of class at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Orange County yesterday.

And reportedly everything went REALLY well.


A source dished:

Amanda Bynes Is Feeling Trapped By Her Parents Who Won't Let Her Live Life Her Way?!

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amanda bynes feeling trapped by singers

This is just a complicated situation.

While Amanda Bynes seems to be doing so well with her mental state after checking into and finally out of the hospital and rehab, there may now be some new struggles going on.

It's rumored Amanda is hoping for a bit more freedom and a normal life while she's living with her parents. Unfortunately, it sounds like her parents don't see the situation the same way.

In fact, Amanda's parents are apparently keeping a tight watch on her and everything she does as an insider revealed:

"Amanda wants to hang out with her friends and go out and do regular things, but she is telling people that her parents won’t let her out of the house for anything other than school and appointments. She wants to be out doing normal stuff like going to dinner and movies but she’s been saying that she was told she couldn’t."

We can certainly understand their reservations what with the sad way things went down months ago.

But we can also understand Amanda's desire to try to live like everyone else after all she went through. And it sounds like that is all she wants, not more trouble, as the insider added:

"Amanda is really taking her recovery seriously, but having her parents tell her no when she just wants to go see friends is frustrating for her. She has been saying that she’s trying to get her life back but it isn’t happening as fast as she would like."

We sure hope they can all come to an agreement on how to handle all this.

These first months out of treatment are definitely the most crucial, and Amanda deserves a healthy start!

Amanda BynesAmanda BynesAmanda BynesAmanda BynesAmanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes Bong Throwing Case Basically Dropped! Find Out The Newest Developments HERE!

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amanda bynes drake tutorial stripper

Amanda Bynes' bong tossing case will adjourn in contemplation of dismissal! Yes! Wait…that's a good thing right?

Indeed it is! The case is essentially being dropped like a bong…uh, we mean, flower vase out of a window!

Amanda, who had previously been charged with marijuana possession, evidence tampering, and reckless endangerment, will have her case put on ice!

That's right, it will not be resolved tomorrow, Amanda will not enter a plea, and if she keeps out of trouble and in therapy for the next 6 months, the charges will be dismissed!

We're so happy for Amanda! With her on the road to a great recovery, this is one less problem she'll have to worry about!

One of the top reasons the case is basically being dropped is that the alleged

Amanda Bynes Enjoys The Fresh Air & Takes A Walk Without Her Parents In Tow!

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amanda bynes walking solo

Here's to a happy and healthy new year, Amanda Bynes!

After a year of cuhrazy changes, we're soooo glad Amanda, Please is almost back to being herself again!!

The actress was spotted taking a walk on Thursday afternoon in Thousand Oaks by herself!

First she decided to continue her education and attend FIDM, then she changed her hairstyle back to what it used to be and now she's going out on her own?!

This is definitely a HUGE step for her, considering the fact that she's been under her watchful parental's eyes since she's been home.

Keep doing what you're doing, Mandy!! You're looking much, MUCH better!

We have our fingers crossed for a comeback from you this year!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

Amanda Bynes takes a solo stroll!Amanda Bynes takes a solo stroll!

Amanda Bynes Is Hanging Tough! And Hanging Out With A Mystery Guy!

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amanda bynes looking great mystery man walk photo

Who knew that by the end of 2013, Amanda Bynes would have turned it around so much!

The All That star is looking great and keeping healthy! She was spotted stopping in at the drug store before going for a long constitutional on Sunday.

But who is this cutie accompanying her?

A new pal? A personal trainer?

That couldn't be big bro Tommy all grown up, could it? We know how important family has been for Amanda lately.

All we know is, gurl looks fantastic, and we couldn't be happier for her!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

Amanda Bynes Keeps Herself Healthy & Happy During Christmas With A Furry Family Outing!

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amanda bynes happy walking dogs christmas family

This is just so AH-Mazing to see!

We could not be happier for Amanda Bynes to be looking so healthy!

The What I Like About You actress stepped out on Christmas in Thousand Oaks, California with her parents for a little stroll with their family pups.

The one-time teen queen was still wearing her new hairstyle that looks much like her style from her younger years. And we're sure her parents were just loving having their daughter home for this special time of year.

We don't know what 2014 will bring for everyone, but we totes think it'll be a much better year for Miz Bynes!

Keep it up, gurl!!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes