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Amanda Bynes Is Pausing Her Podcast Already?! What's Going On?

Amanda Bynes Is Pausing Her Podcast Indefinitely Already

Amanda Bynes‘ return to Hollywood has already come and gone… For now, anyway!

Just one week after releasing the first episode of her new podcast Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast, the She’s The Man alum has already hit pause on the project! Um, what?!

Amanda broke the news via a selfie-style video on her TikTok on Sunday, obtained by TMZ, in which she told her fans she was taking a break because she and her pal, a biochemist, couldn’t book the kinds of stars she wanted to chat with on the entertainment industry-focused show! Explaining the situation, she detailed:

“So even though the podcast is doing really well and the response has been great, I am going to take a pause on it for now. We are not able to get the type of guests that I’d like on the show like, say, Jack Harlow, or Drake, or Post Malone.”

Wow! She put up one episode — in which she spoke to a tattoo artist — and then expected some of the music industry’s biggest talent to rush onto her show? It doesn’t work like that!

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Regardless, The Amanda Show star has no interest in finding lesser-known guests to bring on the pod — or in proving herself to be worthy of the A-listers she’s got her eyes on, adding:

“So, maybe one day if we’re able to get those types of guests on the show, we will resume the podcast, but for now, I’m taking a pause on it. Thank you everyone who watched. I really hope you enjoyed it.”

Whoa! So all that hype, and now she’s just… done?! Wild! See her explanation (below):

We know what you’re thinking now: she’s kinda missing her biggest potential here, right?! Sure, talking to an artist like Drake would be cool — but all anyone really wants to hear is all the tea about her life!

We mean, whether she wants to do a deep dive on her old projects, bring on former co-stars, or get honest about the trials and tribulations of her conservatorship and mental health struggles, the 37-year-old’s got a plethora of topics to touch on. Things we know for a fact listeners would be eager to press play on!

But none of this is on the table — and it NEVER was! According to TMZ on Monday, the Hairspray alum made it clear anything about her personal life was strictly off-limits. She told the outlet the podcast would focus on the lives of her guests — not that of the hosts. She argued that it was the guests’ careers, personal lives, and anecdotes that were most interesting. Whoa!

It’s understandable that some of this might be too vulnerable for her to get into at the moment. It was only earlier this year that she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after calling the cops on herself, claiming she felt she could harm herself. She’s had her ups and downs since then, so if talking about all this would set her back, there’s no need to get into it. But maybe it’s also not the best time to be launching a podcast! Just saying!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised she’s already taking a step back? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram & Nikki Nelson/WENN]

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