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Ke$ha's Mom Is Giving Interviews From Rehab?! See What She Said About Her Daughter's Disorder HERE!

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kesha mom pebe sebert interview

More and more sad details about this young performer's body struggles keep coming to light! And most of them are coming from someone very close to home…

As Ke$ha is attempting to better herself in a treatment center for anorexia and bulimia, her momma, Pebe Sebert, is giving new info about how bad the singer's weight situation got before taking the steps toward rehab earlier this month.


Didn't Pebe check herself into rehab nearly two weeks ago?!

Apparently, she's doing interviews from her PTSD treatment facility now too!

The concerned mom is sharing new and intimate details behind her daughter's disorder, revealing:


Ke$ha & Pitbull’s Timber Performed By ‘Black Simon & Garfunkel’ On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon! Watch HERE!

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Oh it’s going down! Because Black Simon & Garfunkel are…gently uttering Timber.


Pitbull’s pop hit featuring Ke$ha got slowed down just a tad on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Fan favorites Black Simon and Garfunkel (played by The Roots members "Captain" Kirk Douglas and Questlove) came out and softly strummed the tune, but without changing any of the lyrics!

We pretty much lost it hearing a folksy take on “I have them like Miley Cyrus, clothes off, twerking in their bras and thongs.”

Press PLAY (above) to hear the HIGHlarious new cover of Timber!

Ke$ha Was Secretly Detained After Bringing Illegal Ivory Into U.S.

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Ke$ha was busted by Homeland Security trying to bring illegal ivory back into the country!

Ke$ha you bad girl! What have you done??

The animal-friendly pop star should be ashamed of herself!

Apparently, back in 2012, Ke$ha was secretly detained by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for bring illegal ivory into the country!

She apparently had a $500 ivory

Ke$ha’s Mom Checks Into Rehab With Her Daughter — For PTSD!

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kesha mom pebe sebert checks into rehab with her daughter post traumatic stress disorder

This took us by surprise

Ke$ha’s mom, Pebe Sebert, has been very active about helping her daughter recover from an eating disorder. However, it's taken a toll because Pebe has checked herself into rehab for post-traumatic stress disorder.

And also to support her daughter, which is why they’re in the SAME facility! Pebe said

Ke$ha's Backstage Demands Included Very Little Food - But Plenty Of Booze!

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tumblr mrvskuyon31sfh641o1 500

We've talked about celebrities' backstage wish lists before…

And in the wake of Ke$ha's announcement that she was putting herself into rehab for an eating disorder, we're finding out just how little she ate during her series of concerts last year!

The list, presented to promoters, reveals specific and minimal health food demands including:

Ke$ha's tour rider revealed!Ke$ha's tour rider revealed!Ke$ha's tour rider revealed!Ke$ha's tour rider revealed!Ke$ha's tour rider revealed!