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Kesha 'Almost Died' From A Serious Complication While Freezing Her Eggs -- She Spent NINE DAYS In The Hospital!

Kesha 'Almost Died' From A Serious Complication While Freezing Her Eggs -- She Spent NINE DAYS In The Hospital!

Kesha is on the road to recovery after a serious health scare.

In a new interview with Self magazine, which was published on Tuesday, the singer got real about a scary situation that happened earlier this year during a fertility procedure:

“I almost died in January.”


According to the songstress, she froze some of her eggs late last year, only to suffer a super serious and rare complication from the procedure weeks later on New Year’s Eve. You might know the pop star rang in 2023 with an AH-mazing performance at the Bahamas, but after the show she was feeling less than well…

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The 36-year-old musician finished up her show and then realized she was feeling week — much too weak to WALK — and that’s when she was rushed to a hospital in Miami. Doctors found this uncommon complication to be due to the fertility surgery coupled with a weakened immune system, which left Kesha in the hospital for nine days not knowing if she would make it.

Thankfully, she revealed to the outlet she’s doing much better now:

“I finally feel recovered, but it took a couple months. It was horrifying.”

We can’t imagine how scary it must have been! We’re so glad to hear she’s feeling well.

While giving more details to the publication, the TiK ToK singer said she started thinking about freezing her eggs while she prepared for her latest album Gag Order‘s then-upcoming release, and made the decision for herself:

“I just was taking my reproductive health into my own hands. And I stand by everyone doing that and [honoring] your body.”

Later in the interview, the Blow singer said she’s just focusing on her family and loved ones for now and wants more time to consider being a parent in the future. And she’s also spending time with her new beau:

“I didn’t really want to mention the relationship, because I think making a family is everyone’s choice, and family can mean so many different things to everyone. My family right now are the people I spend time with, and my actual family, and also my band, my friends, and my cats … But…he is amazing!”

Ooh La La!

We’re so glad to hear she’s found a special new man in her life — especially after the sad breakup she went through when she had to call off her secret engagement.

We wish Kesha the best amid her recovery! Sending love and light.

[Image via Apple Music/YouTube]

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