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It Could Have Been Katy And John Forever!

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john mayer, katy perry and russell brand

It turns out that John Mayer does not always get the girl!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand, now married, are very happy together. However, the night before they met, Katy and John looked very cozy!!

The night before the VMAs where Russell snagged Mizz Perry for himself, Katy and John met up at Gold Bar in New York after a Jay-Z concert.

Katy and John had never met in person, but had been exchanging flirty texts and tweets.

The night they met up they seemed so flirty and really into each other. They stayed at the bar late and left together!!

Then things took a turn. The next night at the VMAs Russell Brand, who hosted the awards show was instantly taken by Perry, openly admiring her from the stage

The rest is history….

What do U think about this?? Are U glad Katy met Russell when she did?

[Image via WENN.]

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John Mayer Wants Eva Longoria Too!

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Stay away, Eva, STAY AWAY!!

The last thing you need is serial dater John Mayer all up in your sexual napalm!

Although, unfortunately, he is certainly going to to try his hardest as friends say, he "is crazy about Eva," adding, "There is something about newly-divorced ladies that drives him nuts. He was the same way over Jessica [Simpson] when she left Nick [Lachey], and now he has his eye on Eva."

Good thing Eva knows better!

A friend of hers says, "No way is Eva thinking of another man right now. Mayer can send all the flowers in the world and even show up under her window with his guitar and it would make no difference. Eva wants some alone time. She is still heartbroken about her marriage falling apart."

Eva is getting a divorce from a CHEATING HUSBAND!! What makes him think she would want to get involved in the least monogamous guy ever?? Yeah, we didn't think so.

[Image via WENN.]

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John Mayer Hits The Gym

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John Mayer sports a scruffy look as he leave NYC gym

Rock stars work out too!

Check out soulful singer John Mayer sporting some scruffy new facial hair as he leaves a gym in New York City on Nov. 30th.

We're not sure how we feel about his Don Quixote style facial hair, but we're glad he's keeping that body in shape!

What do U think of his new look?

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Gerard Butler Performs With John Mayer At Star-Studded Birthday Party

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We would have loved to seen that!

Gerard Butler had a star-studded birthday party Saturday night at The Darby in NY with A-list celebs like Adrien Brody, Kate Hudson, Bono, and Jay-Z.

Gerard went on stage with "mistress of ceremonies" cabaret star Lady Rizo aka Amelia Zirin-Brown who called him "Mistress Butler."

But the best part was his "outrageous version of Mustang Sally" with John Mayer.

An eyewitness at the party said:

"Gerry also sang Oasis hit Wonderwall with Lady Rizo and Mayer played guitar. They then followed it up with Mustang Sally. He had a pretty good voice — it wasn't what you'd expect from the guy from 300. It was epic. He was also in the deejay booth a lot and got the deejay to play a lot of rock, '80s and funk.

Gerry announced to the crowd that Mayer was going to sing for them, but John replied he just wanted to play guitar while Lady Rizo sang. So he had the crowd cheer to hear Mayer perform. Mayer then sang his hit Who Says."

Sounds like an amazing party! Happy 41st birthday, Gerry!

[Image via WENN.]

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Giada De Laurentiis Denies Affair With John Mayer!

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Here comes the denial!

In light of the recent story that Star Magazine published, which claims that John Mayer is having an affair with Giada De Laurentiis, the Food Network star's publicist has released the following statement:

"It is a shame a media outlet such as Star needs to rely on disgraceful lies and hide behind false anonymous 'sources' in order to entertain their readers. When the Star reporter approached Giada De Laurentiis on Sunday, while she was co-hosting a children's cancer fundraiser, Giada responded unequivocally that she did not see John Mayer when she was in New York for the Food and Wine Festival. Furthermore, contrary to the claims of an anonymous 'source,' at no time did Giada step foot in the Gansevoort Hotel. Giada indeed met John Mayer briefly at a charity event in 2007 but has not seen him since. To be clear, they are not friends and cannot even go so far as to call John Mayer an acquaintance. There is not a sliver of truth to Star magazine's story. It is unfortunate Star would publish these malicious untruths without reporting the fact that Giada was with her husband Todd that weekend in New York, along with their family and friends. Giada De Laurentiis and her family deserve an apology and we demand an immediate retraction.”

Wow! That's a pretty passionate denial!

Either someone does not like lies being spread about them…or they have a guilty conscience!

What do U think?? Do U think the Star story is legit??

[Images via WENN.]

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Is John Mayer Sleeping With A Married Woman?!

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John Mayer has a new victim conquest LOVER!

Problem is, she's already somebody's wife! Whoops!

Star Magazine is reporting that John Mayer has shared some "hot nights" with Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis. The married (we can't stress that enough) TV chef was seen canoodling with John recently at the Boom Boom Room in New York. Eyewitnesses at the joint noticed John's hand traveling the small of her back and the source commented that they "looked like two people who were going to go home together.”

Eh, looks can be deceiving…except when it looks like two people are running off to a private room together!

Oh yeah! Another eyewitness allegedly saw the pair at the nearby Hotel Gansevoort later that night, where they disappeared into a suite together! Scandalicious!

And you know what else? Giada isn't even denying it! Well, she isn't denying being in the hotel that night. She admitted to Star that she stayed at the hotel, but swore that she didn't even see John on the night in question. She added: "I just like his music. That’s all.”

Yeah, Jennifer Aniston sang that same tune for years and years. But then again, she wasn't married!

Well done in starting what is sure to be another relationship with zero longevity, John!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kim Kardashian Already Linked To A New Man

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kim-and-parker-at-charity-event.jpg kim-at-charitye-event-in-ny.jpg

Seems the latest trend this week is being on the lookout for what guy Kim Kardashian is reportedly dating.

And forget about John Mayer or Kanye West, the latest guy everyone is speculating about is Sean Parker.

The Napster co-founder and Facebook partner was spotted hanging out with Kimmy yesterday evening at a charity event in NYC.

And according to several eye witnesses, the two sat together and laughed all night long. But with a dress like the one she’s wearing, it’s not hard to imagine why he was so into her.

The 30-year-old Kardashian was looking hawt!

The photo of the pair even ended up on several Twitter accounts with guests posting it quickly online.

So could it be? Has Kim gone from sexy, bad boys to successful, yet nerdy guys?

They actually don't make a bad looking couple.

[Kim image via WENN.]

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