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John Mayer Reportedly Denies Scheana Shay's Past Group Romp Claim -- He's 'Annoyed' & Wants 'Nothing To Do With Her'!

John Mayer Denies Scheana Shay's Past Group Romp Claim!

Did Scheana Shay really once have an orgy with John Mayer and others like she claims?? Well… maybe not! Not according to the musician’s side of the story, at least!

As you will recall, on last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana dropped a not-so-subtle hint that she supposedly had a group sex thing with the Your Body Is A Wonderland crooner years ago. The 38-year-old and her pals were playing the NSFW version of “Never Have I Ever” when the topic of threesomes came up. After Scheana’s husband Brock Davies took a drink and exclaimed he wasn’t involved with his wife’s old trio tale, Shay explained coyly:

“I was in a room and there were other things going on, but there were definitely more bodies.”

And in a follow-up confessional clip, when a producer straight-up asked if Scheana was in an orgy, she replied:

“Once upon a time, my body was a wonderland, I’ll say that.”

Yeahhh… But insiders close to John sure aren’t saying that!!

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On Tuesday, the US Sun published quotes from a source who steadfastly denied Scheana’s orgy allegations! Speaking candidly about the 46-year-old’s frustration over Scheana spilling the (allegedly incorrect) tea, the insider said:

“John has told several people close to him that he never hooked up with Scheana. He knows that she has been telling people they hooked up well before the Vanderpump Rules episode aired and it’s gotten back to him.”

Interestingly, the anonymous insider added that John and Scheana were both at the same party recently along with Bravo exec and longtime Mayer backer Andy Cohen. That fun night apparently wasn’t so fun for John, the source claimed:

“Scheana and John were even at a party not long ago where Andy Cohen also turned up and he tried his best to avoid Scheana. She was trying her best to talk to John and even go as far as take a picture with him, but he shot her down. He was doing his best to avoid her all night.”

Ultimately, according to this mole, Mayer wants “nothing to do” with Scheana:

“He’s very annoyed by the entire thing and wants nothing to do with her.”


As we’ve noted, last week’s VPR ep was not the first time Scheana has claimed to have had a group thing with the guitarist. Way back in 2020, on the Flashbacks podcast, Scheana told host Heather Rae El Moussa that she and The Hills alum Stacie Adams had “a little throuple going on … for about six months” with Mayer a long time in the past. Eventually, Scheana claimed that she became “jealous” of Stacie because John supposedly liked her more, and that was (allegedly) that.

So who’s telling the truth here?? Scheana has been making these claims for years. But these new source quotes from John’s side certainly don’t give any ground! Thoughts, y’all?! Share your reactions in the comments (below)!

[Image via Dominic Chan/MEGA/WENN]

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