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Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Is STILL Fanning Those John Mayer Hookup Rumors!

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Is STILL Fanning Those John Mayer Hookup Rumors!

Scheana Shay is still at it with the John Mayer arc!

The Vanderpump Rules vet has not exactly been shy about referencing her alleged past connection to the Your Body Is A Wonderland crooner. And while she’s playfully tried to be coy about it in recent VPR shots — like how she subtly called out a supposed orgy she had with the singer — the whole world very much knows ALL about it by now. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop talking about it! Especially not on her own podcast! LOLz!

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On Friday, a new episode of Scheana’s Scheananigans podcast dropped online. In it, the 38-year-old called out the US Sun for a report they published late last week in which Mayer’s side of the hookup hubbub tossed shade at Scheana. As you may recall, the insider in that story claimed John was “very annoyed” with the situation and wants “nothing to do with” the reality TV star. And to that, well, Brock Davies‘ wife has a response!! But honestly, it’s confusing AF.

Referencing that aforementioned Mayer denial report from the US Sun, Scheana said on her pod:

“I’m sure John doesn’t love being a story line on Vanderpump Rules, but where did he deny this? When I looked at the article, it looks like they just kind of made this up.”

Uh, wait, WHAT?? What does she mean “where did he deny this”?! Let’s go to the receipts! In the prior US Sun report which Scheana criticizes this week on her show, an insider offered this quote:

“John has told several people close to him that he never hooked up with Scheana. He knows that she has been telling people they hooked up well before the Vanderpump Rules episode aired and it’s gotten back to him.”

Like… Scheana, girl… that’s the denial RIGHT THERE!!! That first line: “John has told several people close to him that he never hooked up with Scheana.” Like, that’s it! That’s what “never hooked up” means! She can debate whether her side is correct or his is the truthful one, but come on now. WTF is she talking about?! LOLz!

Apparently, Scheana took issue with the fact that the denial came from an insider, though, and NOT from John himself or a specific member of his team. She argued:

“There weren’t quotes from John. There weren’t quotes from his team. There was nothing else in there.”

Ooookay. Sure, it did come from an insider and not the crooner personally. At least she got that part right. Ha!! And hey, maybe it is bull s**t! But it is, very clearly, a denial. And besides, something tells us that Mayer probably isn’t going to publicly comment ever about this, so, like, that’s all she’s gonna get. Sorry, girl!

Scheana then went on to reference a 2009 print mag photo and hookup rumor regarding her and Mayer that has been making the rounds recently once again. After completely forgetting how she once re-posted the mag image on Snapchat back in 2018, she recalled how that 15-year-old hard copy proof backs her side of the story:

“When that [resurfaced on social media recently], I was like, ‘Oh, I forgot about that.’ And nothing was ever denied then. So just interesting that The Sun is putting more rumors out and trying to dispel other things.”

OK, that part is true. The 2009 mag spread is definitely a worthy receipt. Consider that one a point for Scheana! Anyways, what do U make of this never-ending hookup that keeps getting churned up again and again and again, y’all? Is it time to let it die?! Or is Scheana hoping for some Scandoval-level viral surge to propel her back to the top of the VPR heap?? Share your takes on this endless arc (below)!

[Image via Brian To/WENN/Bravo/YouTube]

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