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Kris Humphries Ditches Settlement Hearing With Kim Kardashian!

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It looks like Kris Humphries' secret plans to win his divorce case may not work after all!

The NBA star and Kim Kardashian were expected to be in court in El Lay today at 8:30 AM PT for a settlement conference, but considering that a source saw Humphries looking "extremely upset" in New York City at 1 AM today, theres no way in hell Kris is going to make it to California in time for the hearing.

Kris Humphries Is Being Sued By A Beverly Hills Suit Store For Swindling A Bogus Deal!

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kris humphries is being sued by beverly hills suit shop(1)

Oh Kris Humphries, you just can't stay out of trouble, can you?

Back when the Brooklyn Nets star and Kim Kardashian were still an "item," the pregnant reality star was teaching Humphries how to get over on people shop, so while most of us have to pay full price for practically everything, people like Kris and Kim DO NOT.

According to a suit that was filed by Scott Hill, the NBA star swindled a Beverly Hills suit store for thousands of dollars after he bought $46,000 worth of merchandise while using a 30 percent discount that Hill gave him.

Kim Kardashian Puts Herself & Kris Humphries On The Witness List For Divorce Case!

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Oh man, what's gonna happen next???

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' divorce trial is set to get moving next month, but instead of having a drama-FREE case, the pregnant reality star decided to make things a little more inneresting.

According to her El Lay Superior Court filing

Did Tiger Woods Steal Lindsey Vonn From Kris Humphries?!?

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lindsey vonn was dating kiris humphries before she got with tiger woods(1)


Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been officially dating for like a week now, and while rumors about their relationship have been surfacing like crazy — we're now learning that the Olympic skier was once involved with Kim Kardashian's estranged hubby, Kris Humphries!!

According to reports, Miz Vonn was actually already involved with the Brooklyn Nets star when Tiger came into the picture:

Khloe K Watches Her Hubby Lamar Odom & Brother-In-Law Kris Humphries Battle It Out!!

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khloe kardashian watches lamar odom play ball(1)

This is kind of awkward!

On Saturday, Khloe Kardashian made her home game rounds at the Staples Center to watch her hubby, Lamar Odom hoop it up… but what was different about this game was that the Clippers were taking on the Brooklyn Nets, which is the team that her sis Kim Kardashian's estranged husband, Kris Humphries is on.

As Khloe watched the game from her favorite seat, it was obvious that she was giving Kris the evil eye, which is far from surprising — especially because he's currently making Kimmy's life hell.

We can only imagine what she was thinking??? Maybe she wanted to throw her super expensive Celine bag onto the court and hopefully knock some sense into Humphries because she's had enough of his DRAMz.

But luckily she didn't have to do that because Lamar destroyed him for her!!

What a nice hubby! LOLz

[Image via GAMEPIKS/Ramey Pix.]

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Lamar Odom Destroyed Kris Humphries!

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Perhaps Lamar Odom should be Kim Kardashian's lawyer in her divorce case against Kris Humphries, because he sure handled him on the court!

That's right, the Clippers clipped the Nets on Saturday night, 101 to 95 — even though the two power forwards are still technically brothers-in-law!

Kris Humphries Ch-Ch-Chooses Basketball Over Kim Kardashian!

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Kris Humphries would rather spend 9 hours playing basketball or whatever than watching Kim Kardashian be deposed for the same amount of time. We can't say we blame him, LOLz!

The only thing is, he bent over backwards to get the deposition to happen — and has been ruthless in denying a divorce in favor of an elusive annulment based on Kim's love being a fraud. We have a hard time believing he isn't just jerking her around now that he's missed something huge like this.