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14-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Killing Mom -- And Inviting Friend Over To See The Body!

14-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Fatally Shooting Mom -- Then Inviting Her Friend Over To See The Body

A Mississippi teenager was arrested in March on charges of murder and attempted murder after the death of her mother and injury of her stepfather. At the time, the community of Jackson was dumbfounded to hear about the case — and now, as more details come out, it’s clear the crime is even more disturbing than anyone realized.

According to local outlets, 14-year-old Carly Madison Gregg is being tried as an adult after cops claim she shot her mother and her stepdad. Her mom, Ashley Smylie, didn’t make it but the stepfather did. And now he’s a witness to the unthinkable crime.

Carly has pleaded not guilty, but there’s a lot of evidence against her. During a preliminary hearing recorded by local blog the Jackson Jambalaya on Tuesday, it was revealed home security cameras seem to have caught her in the act.

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Rankin County Investigator Zachary Cotton explains during the hearing what the CCTV footage shows. He says the girl and her mom, a teacher, can be seen returning home after school and going into their respective bedrooms. A little while later, Gregg can be seen entering her mother’s bedroom, and three shots ring out. Cotton describes the horrifying moment:

“Then you hear a gunshot, a scream, followed by two more gunshots.”

The young teen then goes to the kitchen and begins texting on her phone. Cops believe she was texting her stepdad asking when he’d be home. After this, she’s seen “singing to her dog” and then contacting a friend, saying it was an “emergency” and they needed to come over right away. Carly’s friend was promptly driven over by her parents, per the investigator, where she was asked “if she had ever seen a dead body before”. When the friend replied “No,” the 14-year-old suspect “proceeded to show her deceased mother” to the fellow teen.


That’s not all, either. Her stepfather claims as soon as he got home, she shot at him three times as well. He was hit once in the shoulder before he was able to wrestle the pistol out of her hands. Wow. See the full video of the shocking hearing (below):

So chilling…

Gregg is still in custody, and no wonder — her bond is set at a whopping $1 million. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more developments are made in this case.

[Image via Rankin County Sheriff’s Office.]

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