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90 Day Fiancé Star Goes MISSING After Moving To The US -- Bride Says He's Ghosting Her!

90 Day Fiancé Star Goes MISSING After Moving To The US -- Bride Says He's Ghosting Her!

It’s only been two months since 90 Day Fiancé star Michael Ilesanmi moved to the United States from his native Nigeria to live with his American wife who is more than two decades older than him. And he’s already flown the coop!!

Fans of the hit TLC show no doubt know the storyline of 58-year-old Angela Deem‘s marriage to the Nigerian 36-year-old. The couple has a long history together, first meeting back in 2018 during the second season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. They got married and visited each others’ home countries, with Michael at one point seeing Angela at her home in Jefferson County, Georgia.

Well, after working on their relationship for a while, Michael moved full-time to the United States almost exactly two months ago — just a few days before Christmas 2023. And this past Friday he went missing!! Wait, huh?!

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So, on Monday, Angela took to YouTube to film a livestream with a vlogger named John Yates. During their streaming broadcast together, she confirmed what she’d said briefly in a since-deleted TikTok video from the weekend: that Michael went missing back on Friday. That alone is shocking, of course. And she said that his disappearance wasn’t picked up on any of her home security videos! Wait, what?! He just, like, vanished?? Alarmed, she revealed that the cops were involved:

“The police are involved, we can’t find him.”


But… wait a minute! There’s an update! On Monday night, not even eight hours after that first video with Yates went up, Deem returned to do a second livestream with the vlogger! And in that second vid, she revealed that not only had she been in touch with the cops in Georgia about Michael’s disappearance, but that they’d found him!!

Sounding visibly shocked while speaking, Angela said the Nigerian man was safe. But he supposedly planned his disappearance, according to her and Yates. And Michael even allegedly contacted cops on what they termed “a burner phone” after seeing that she’d reported him missing! When Michael got into contact with the authorities in Georgia, he claimed he was “in fear of his life here” in America and around Deem! Huh?!

Clearly distraught, she said on the second livestream:

“Breaking news. I’m in total f**king shock right now, but not really, and that’s all I can say. John take over please because I’m in f**king shock.”

Then, Yates explained what happened:

“I’ll just rip it off like a Band Aid. Michael is safe, there’s the good news. He reached out to the police moments after [the first] live[stream]. Right after [the first] live ended, Angela got a phone call from the police here stating that they were contacted by Michael. They verified it was him. He did have a burner phone or, like, another phone, a phone that nobody knew about and on that phone he had pictures of his passport, the one that he left. So they verified his ID, it’s him.”

Then, Yates continued:

“He told the police that he was in fear of his life here and he did not want Angela knowing his location.”


So, bounced from Angela’s place of his own volition and told cops he didn’t want to go back!! For her part, Angela denied that she’d mistreated him, saying “no one was locked up here” in response to the allegation that the man feared for his life.

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While continuing to react emotionally with her face off camera during the second livestream, Angela said:

“I don’t know why people think I’m not human… you know what I mean? I’m a woman, I stand as a woman. When you sneak behind my back and do lying s**t on me I’m not fine anymore. I’m f**king mad as hell. I was worried thinking he was hurt.”

She then added:

“This is not funny. This is real s**t… I’m telling you now. I’m not going to let you f**king come here if you didn’t love me.”

As you might expect, following that jaw-dropping second livestream, fans have been flinging accusations both ways — that either there was more to the story than what Deem was telling, or that Ilesanmi had used her for an immigration stunt in order to get to the US.

These two have been through the wringer before, to be fair. Back in December of 2022, during the miniseries 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela accused Michael of cheating on her with a 31-year-old woman he found on Instagram. They eventually worked things out with that infidelity allegation, only to turn around a little more than a year later and find themselves here now. Oof.

You can watch Angela and John speak more about the situation surrounding Michael’s so-called disappearance beginning at the 22:55 mark in the stream (below):

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[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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