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Single Mom Found Tracking Device On Her Car -- 2 Weeks Later She Was Dead

Abigail Saldana Shooting Killing Stalker Tracking Device Car Video

Well, this is truly terrifying.

Police in Fort Worth, Texas have arrested a potential stalker, but it’s too late for the woman.

At 8:30 P.M. on Tuesday night police responded to a car accident call and found the body of Abigail Saldana. But the 22-year-old didn’t die from injuries in a crash — she had been shot to death.

An investigation led to evidence that Abigail, who leaves behind a 5-year-old son, was being stalked. She had confided in her mother, Jessica Contreras, that she was worried someone was following her. Contreras told Fox4 her daughter had once managed to get a photo of the license plate of her stalker and send it to a friend in case anything happened.

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Shockingly, Abigail had even posted a video to her Instagram page in which she showed followers something she found under her car that she believed to be a tracking device! Opening a magnetized case to reveal an apparent GPS tracker inside, she said:

“This was literally on my car like this. This is why you have to be careful. I don’t know what to do moving forward with this. But this definitely looks like a tracker to me.”

She added:

“I’m encouraging everyone watching this video to go and check and make sure it’s not on their car… This is so crazy, you guys. So crazy. Like who would do this?”

Fort Worth police officer Tracy Carter did confirm that after the killing, a tracker — possibly a second one considering she found the first — was found on Abigail’s car, telling NBC5:

“There is a tracker on this vehicle that we have identified. We don’t know how long that tracker has been on. That’s something our detectives are looking into.”

Evidence led detectives to a man named Stanley Szeliga, who they believe had been following Abigail in the hours just before her death.

On Thursday police tracked him to a home in Irving, but he refused to leave, leading to a standoff with police. A SWAT team eventually got inside and found him; he had reportedly slashed himself all over his body. Finally he was able to be subdued and brought to the Tarrant County Jail, where he was booked on a charge of murder. He apparently has a past criminal record of domestic violence charges.

Abigail’s mother told NBC5:

“When I got the phone call about the arrest this morning, with all the hurt you get a little bit of peace.”

Contreras told the outlet she doesn’t know if her daughter knew Szeliga at all but has never heard of him before the arrest. She added:

“He can’t hurt anyone and he’s going to have to answer to me why he took my daughter. And I’m not going to stop. I will fight and I will fight. He took my pride. He took my joy.”

Contreras also said she told her daughter to report the tracking device to police, but she doesn’t know if she ever went through with it.

Please PLEASE take Abigail’s advice and “check under your cars” even thought you think it will never be you. Stay safe, y’all.

[Image via FOX4/YouTube/Fort Worth Police Department.]

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